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3 Important Rights for Nursing Home Patients

Nursing homes are well known as a trusted means of long-term care facility for the elderly. The reputation that they have for upholding patient rights is among the leading reasons for the special admiration.

Individuals residing in nursing homes have numerous legal rights that health care workers need to uphold. Failure to respect patient rights in these environments can result in severe legal consequences for the nursing facility and any other involved party.

Here are the most important rights for patients

Patient Privacy Rights

Those living in nursing homes have the right to privacy, and this includes the freedom to use the restroom unaccompanied if they request this. The privacy rights also include the right to rest in their respective personal rooms alone.

Patient Right to Respect and Dignity

These patients also have a right to anticipate being treated with dignity and respect. This legal provision means it’s illegal for anyone, including caregivers, to demean, manipulate, threaten, or in any way abuse patient in a long-term care facility. A caregiver who breaks this law is open to charges of neglect and personal injury litigation.

The Right to Sufficient Care

These patients also have a right to expect the best quality of medical care. This legal provision means a nursing facility needs always to act to secure the safety and health of the patients. An oversight in this particular area can expose the institution to legal action.

Every elderly person or patient desires to experience a feeling of safety, security, and the accessibility of trustworthy caregivers. Just like everyone else in the community, they do not deserve to be abused or neglect while in a nursing home facility.  Staff members in these institutions must pledge to protect the above mentioned patient rights, and other responsibilities that exist for the individuals in long-term care facilities.

20 Responses so far.

  1. Kevin M says:

    I have heard so many stories of elderly people living in fear in their care home. Thanks for making the rights of these people known.

    • Vincent Royce Ampong says:

      Yes Kevin, I have heard it too. There are some patients that are being abused. Thanks for these rights.

    • Hartory says:

      That’s some BS! Living in fear? That’s how people get hurt messing with somebody’s loved ones.

      • Peggy says:

        Adoraria ter me espantado com este texto, mas innifezmelte já vivi o suficiente para não me espantar com isso.A conta a qual você não entendeu eu também não entendo, e olha que na matemática eu mando bem. Deve ser uma matemática de outro mundo, talvez.Li recentemente que um percentual grande de ‘projetos’ dos vereadores não servem para nada. Agora vão aumentar o número de fazedores de nada.Vai entender….

  2. Lakeyia says:

    I have heard about elderly being treated badly in many places as well. I have seen so many people hurt them and take advantage of them that it’s a shame. I hope that things change so that they don’t have to live in fear or be broke because these places take all of their money.

    • Vincent Royce Ampong says:

      I have heard that some elderly patients are being raped. That really sadden me. How horrible it is!

  3. JL says:

    The most common reason that I’ve heard from people who plan on living in nursing homes in their old age is that they do not want to be a burden to their children. In my humble opinion, a child who would think that way about their parents when they reach old age are ingrates. There will be times of difficulty of course, but that is life. There are some out there that would claim to have not been cared for by their parents and would conclude that putting them in nursing homes are more than they deserve. That is just wrong… and two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Vincent Royce Ampong says:

      That is really sad that their children do not have the heart to take care for them. I will not do that to my parents. I love them.

  4. Vincent Royce Ampong says:

    I hope that those rights are exercised. Are all the nursing homes implementing it? I hope so.

  5. Dicello says:

    Something needs to be done about this issue for sure. There are a lot of lawsuits going on because healthcare related abuse and neglect. It makes me sick!

  6. mr B says:

    To see this industry fight for elderly rights should raise peoples awareness. Lets hope this industry continues.

  7. Steven says:

    You site has a lot of great information. I will share it on some health forums.

  8. Patrice says:

    This is sad to hear how some nursing home patients are being mistreated. They at least deserve some respect and dignity. Afterall, it’s not like the employees are not getting paid to do their jobs.

  9. Jhei says:

    These rights are certainly proper. The question is, do all nursing homes put them into practice? Or are we just putting our elderly in the hands of people who only care about what they can earn from it? It really is difficult to find out the integrity of such institutions and the individuals that work in them. I’d rather have my folks cared for in my own home where my CCTVs can make sure that the caregivers actually provide the proper care for my parents!

  10. Servello says:

    Every nursing home patient should know and exercise their rights. Thanks for shedding light on this.

  11. Nicole says:

    Elderly patients require all the dignity and respect that healthcare professionals can possible give. Respecting their rights should be a top priority for all healthcare providers. Thank you for an informative post. Hopefully, this will encourage people to review their current practices and make changes if needed.

    • Tidwell says:

      You’re right respecting their rights should be top priority, but unfortunately their is a lot of hidden abuse in nursing homes.

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