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3 Rights That All Nursing Home Patients Have

Nursing homes are a popular means of providing elderly people with the long-term care they require. These facilities also have a strong reputation for honoring and upholding the rights of their patients, which is why they’re highly admired.

Nursing home patients have a number of legal rights that must be upheld by the health care workers within the nursing home environments. Failing to honor and acknowledge these rights can lead to major legal consequences for nursing home facilities and all those who work within them.

Following are some of the more important rights of nursing home patients.

Patient Privacy

Nursing home patients maintain the right to privacy, and this means being able to use bathrooms unaccompanied upon their requests. The privacy rights of nursing home patients additionally include the right to rest alone, in their own, personal rooms.

Patient Right to Dignity and Respect

Nursing home patients additionally have the right be treated with respect and dignity. As such, it’s illegal for caregivers or anyone else to threaten, manipulate, demean, or otherwise disrespect or abuse patients within long-term care facilities. Caregivers who fail to honor this law may be subject to charges of neglect, as well as to litigation for personal injury.

The Right to Adequate Care

Patients within nursing homes also have the right to expect and receive top-quality medical care. As such, nursing facilities must always act to secure the health and safety of all patients. Oversights within this area can lead to legal action as well.

All aging adults and nursing home patients want to feel safe and secure while maintaining access to caregivers who are trustworthy. Much like all other members of the general community, these individuals do not deserve neglect or abuse while residing in nursing home facilities. Team members within these institutions must uphold the rights mentioned above, as well as all other responsibilities that exist for nursing home patients.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Helen says:

    Learning this new information makes me think that being in a nursing home is not that bad at all, as depicted in movies. Caregivers should be compensated more in my opinion. Caring for nursing home patients is not that easy and it takes a lot of skill and patience.

  2. Paul Porter says:

    I agree on the comment above. It really doesn’t sound that bad. You can sleep in peace, knowing that you will be properly taken care of when you got old with age.

  3. Bertha says:

    It’s important to know these kinds of stuff because not all nursing homes are not created equal. But as far as I can see, it’s still better than spending your latter years all by yourself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The comments above are unknowing the truth. J wonder how they would like to wake up when the C.N.A.’s feel like it. Set you in a wheelchair., then push yon to the nurses station and you sit there all day. Humm, in dirty dippers? Unable to move your legs, or not strong enough to push the chair. Sound like fun? How about just laying in bed four two to four hours till changed. Call button the nurses know how to stop the call from there station, and they do. I could go on and on the food, etc.
    Company most have some kind of mental disablement and the conversations are real short. Most don.t want to talk. If your at home you control your life not some one else

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