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Abilities of a Nurse’s Aide

The abilities of a Nurse’s Aide are tremendous. Nurse’s Aides are also known as NAs in the medical field. A hospital could not run as smoothly without the expertise of the nursing staff. A Nurse’s Aide is a special type or person who works in hospitals and nursing homes under the watchful eyes of the doctors and nurses.

The main job of a Nurse’s Aide is to provide the basic medical care requirements of patients who are bed ridden. It’s the job of the Nurse’s Aide to perform caregiver functions in agreement with the activities of the patients assigned to him or her.

NAs have several daily job requirements for his or her patients. Most of the jobs revolve around the basic personal care of the patients. The job list consists of giving baths, feeding, grooming, and helping the patient maintain as normal a life as possible. Another important part of the Nurse’s Aide job is to provide support and comfort when the patients are experiencing pain and physical ailments.

As in most job fields, NAs can become certified and well experienced. These Nurse’s Aides will be given more responsibilities with his or her patient. A certified or experienced NA can be assigned more detailed jobs such as taking and recording the temperatures of the patient. The NA may also be responsible for taking the patient’s blood pressure and other vital signs. The care provided helps the patient to recover quicker from the trauma from surgery or other illness.

The responsibilities of Nurse’s Aides can go beyond that of just taking care of the patients. The Aides may be required to work at the hospital or nursing homes as night attendants. The person in charge of the night shift is required to check on every patient that’s in the hospital.

The Nurse’s Aide jobs are important parts of any hospital or nursing home. The Nurse’s Aides’ role in the patient’s recovery can be just as vital as the doctors who performed the surgery.

6 Responses so far.

  1. Vincent Royce says:

    The duties of a Nursing Aide is very broad. They even go beyond their profession. Nursing aide job is very noble. It is not easy to take care patients.

  2. rob says:

    Nurse’s Aide are more like the backbone of the nurses . Though patients often mistake them for actual nurses, they do pay a lot of attention and care towards their patients.

  3. Jarocki says:

    Wow I never realized all the importance and responsibility of a nurses aide. Their position definitely shouldn’t be undervalued.

  4. DAVE says:

    Nursing aides are more likely to be engaged in nursing homes and to care for elderly parents. To this end, they develop a sense of closeness to their patients.

  5. Lori S. says:

    I’m thinking about going to school to become a nurses aide. This has really help move to move forward in my decision. Thank you.

  6. Katherine A. says:

    As a nurse, I am always grateful for the Nurse’s aide. They are with us always. Whenever we need help and we need someone to do a task for us, they are there. Thank you for showing the importance of Nurse’s Aides. Some doesn’t see their importance, but most nurses can see how big of a help they are.

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