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How the Affordable Care Act Is Having an Impact on Jobs In America

No other healthcare legislation in the history of the nation has garnered more attention or prompted more debate than the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “ObamaCare.” Every professional in the healthcare industry should have a good understanding of how this legislation impacts jobs.

Even though individuals are divided on the act’s effectiveness, most politicians, analysts and healthcare professionals agree that the legislation is a landmark in the country’s history. The Act is modeled after Medicare, which has been in effect for more than 50 years. This legislation has an impact on everyone working in the healthcare industry, including aid works, doctors, and nurses. Experts also anticipate a reaction from the pharmaceutical industry.

Analysts estimate that doctors will see their revenues drop by approximately 15% under the act. The reasons for the drop are compliance costs, and the substantial amount of paperwork doctors must submit when treating patients. Hospitals and doctors assume the greatest risk of failing to comply and could face fines for providing incomplete or inaccurate paperwork, a situation that many perceive to be excessively bureaucratic. At the same time, experts believe that this intense focus on compliance can lead to a decrease in medical malpractice and negligence lawsuits.

There is an increased burden on nurses these days due to the shortage of physicians practicing in the United States. While the Affordable Care Act appears to make this problem worse, projections seem to indicate there will be more than a million jobs created for therapists, nurses, doctors and other healthcare specialists. Because the act allows coverage for any patient with a pre-existing condition, the value of existing nurses will increase while thousands of jobs open up for qualified nurses.

Only time will tell if the Affordable Care Act has the ability to deliver on all the promises it makes to the American people. It is likely to take at least a couple of years for everyone to iron out the administrative kinks before we know for sure what the results will be.

6 Responses so far.

  1. Kabir says:

    Very important issue. Yes we need more physicians and other medical professionals. More jobs need to be created. Otherwise the system may break down. Government should spend less money on war and focus on this.

  2. Shayla says:

    This act can be seen as a double edged sword. More red tape means (in theory) less malpractice. However, it can also lead doctors and other medical professionals to be over worked and buried in paperwork, making them less likely to do the extras or go the extra mile (more paperwork). There needs to be a happy medium. Most doctors care about their patients and want them to be healthy. We need to go back to this principal.

  3. Mayette Walsh says:

    Revelation 14:9 is saying about the “Mark of the Beast” and this is the hidden agenda behind this Act. Obama is a member of Illuminati, an Anti-Christ group that believes in one world government. One world government – the start of the reigning of the Anti-Christ. I personally opposed this Act, and yes, It will affect the medical system in the US in general. With the rules itself, needs paperwork for the approval of the treatment may lead to mistreatment and malpractice, on the other hand. For what reason? Doctors may tend to submit any paperwork that just for the sake of complying. I am not seeing any advantages of this Act.

  4. Dawn says:

    Obamacare is a very hot topic! I have personally watched people struggle as a result of the legislation. Employers cut the hours of most of their employees in order to not work them enough hours they will be forced to provide healthcare, and this is causing people to lose their homes, not be able to buy a sufficient amount of food, etc. This is not something that most people speak up about, but I have watched many people suffer, children included, because of the act.

  5. Amber says:

    This article speaks of this act causing the production of many new jobs for medical professionals in this country, but will that really happen? A lot of the doctors in my area have decided to retire early or otherwise back off from their practices and blamed it on the Affordable Care Act. This is causing people to be unable to find doctors when they need medical care, and quite often causing patients to be neglected because the remaining doctors are so busy.

  6. Heather says:

    True enough, that if we are talking about more job opportunities to sprout, ObamaCare can really be appreciated by the workforce or those who are just entering the workforce. However, for the existing professionals out there, it can also affect them negatively as said in the article. What about the depletion of physicians in practice, how do we resolve that through this legislation?

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