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Thoughts On Becoming An RN

For anyone interested in becoming an RN, CNA training has many positive benefits. Some may question why this is so, perhaps thinking that starting at the top instead might be a better choice.

The truth of the matter is that starting at the top might be a bit easier, but one certainly would not be gaining the valuable experience that will make them a more compassionate, better nurse who gets to see and understand just how things are at different levels of care giving.

Learning the Levels

Gaining knowledge is truly a number one reason that becoming a CNA is such a great path to gaining an RN degree. The very thing that great nurses do, offering their patients sincere compassion and care, is where you start as a CNA.

You will bathe, dress and feed your patients. This soon leads you to knowing them on a more personal and deeper level that many RN’s and LPN’s in care facilities and nursing homes don’t achieve. To you, they will not simply be patients, but also people! You quickly learn just how to make that patient feel as if they are indeed a special person.

Experience on the Job

You will certainly be introduced to and learn different techniques, as a CNA student, that others may never be introduced to. The truth is that those students who begin their journey as CNAs do hold an advantage over those individuals who went directly into the RN programs.

You are going to know how to perform basic vital stat checks, read charts and enter information properly on those charts. You are also going to assist in basic tasks such as catheter placements, IVs, and changing wound dressings. Another great advantage you will gain is learning the terminology that will be of great value when you get involved with the RN courses.

Networking Options

You are going to have, as a CNA, the networking that the RN student is not going to have. You are going to be aware of who is hiring, and you might even line up further employment in the same facility where you currently are working. Your resume will already be created, and you are going to find jobs far easier.

Experience will be yours. This is a great asset that the individual going straight to the RN program is not going to have.

Just take a look at all the benefits gained when you get involved with CNA training on your path to becoming an RN. Rather than paying to train, you get paid to train. You also get the opportunity to see and judge whether or not the job is for you.

You get to work alongside experienced nurses who have been at their jobs for years. Consider your CNA training as a paid internship with on the job training. Take a careful look at it, and see the benefits it brings on your path to being an RN.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Joseph Nobleza says:

    Yes, we need to know everything in order for us to become RN. In my experience, I am also one of the nurses who paid the trainer just to train us. Until, i found out CNA through my friend. CNA really help me a lot to see things in right path and see my future. We need to be wise so that many opportunities and learning will be in our mind and be an edge to become a well experience RN in the field.

  2. Kabir says:

    Thanks much for the article. I want to be an RN. This article help me to know what I really need to learn.

  3. Mayette Walsh says:

    I salute all the RNs in the world, because I can’t imagine myself working in the hospital dealing with bloods and all the staff. But working as a CNA is really a good start if you want to become a Nurse. Experience is still the best teacher. I have been teaching English for 4 yrs until I learned a new technique and found out that learning is easy through experience. Becoming an RN would be easier if you have all the experience and knowledge that you can gain from being a CNA. This project is very beneficial to all who wants to become a Nurse and to all the Nurses that is not passing their board exams.

  4. Shayla says:

    First off, Nurses and CNA’s are amazing! I went as far as achieving my state certification as a CNA, however, it was not for me. I feel it takes very special people to do this as a career. And it is important to start with CNA experience. This time teaches empathy and patience and care on a more basic level that medicine.

  5. Leslie Fehrs says:

    I really like the idea of getting through levels before hitting a certain position. For nurses, it is crucial to build the trust between them and their patients–and being a CNA first is one of the ways. Feeding the roots well bear well-nourished fruits.

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