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Becoming Certified as a Michigan CNA

It’s not difficult to become a CNA in the state of Michigan, but you do need to take certain steps.  CNA certification can lead to a rewarding career.

First, you must take an approved CNA training program.  In Michigan, you’re required to have 75 hours of training.  It’s important to note online courses aren’t valid in Michigan.  You can’t become certified by taking an online program.

Your training program will consist of classroom training, lab training, and clinical hours.  While you’re learning the skills to work as a CNA, you’ll be supervised by an instructor.

Second, you must successfully complete CNA examinations.  The exams consist of a written test and a practical skills test.  Currently, a passing score is 70 percent.  You need to pass both parts of the tests to be eligible for certification.

Third, after you apply for certification, you can look for a CNA job.  You’ll be listed on Michigan’s Nurse’s Aide Registry.  The Registry helps employers find candidates who are qualified to work as certified nurse’s aides.

Every two years, you must renew your CNA certification.  If you don’t allow your certification to expire, it’s not necessary to take another training program or retake the examinations.  All you’ll need to do is submit an application to update your certification.

CNA certification can lead to a job in a nursing home, another long-term care facility, hospitals, clinics, or providing in-home care to elderly persons.  It can also be your first step toward a career as a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse.
As certified nurse’s aides are in demand, and the need for qualified candidates continues to grow, you can expect job security and job satisfaction.  As the average salary for a CNA is $25,600, you can earn a good living in a career that helps others.

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