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Choosing the Best Living Options for the Elderly

For families faced with caring for an elderly member, home health care may be a better option when that family member requires more assistance on a daily basis. This is especially true when the elderly family member doesn’t want to live with other family members and prefers to remain in their home.

However, if the condition of the elderly loved one requires around the clock monitoring and medical attention, a long-term care facility may be the wiser choice. It can be very difficult when families are faced with a choice between getting assisted living or sending their elderly loved one to a nursing home facility. To help determine which option is best, the following tips may serve as a useful guideline:

When to Choose Home Health Care

Home health care may be the most appropriate option if the elderly family member is still relatively independent but just needs a little bit of help doing certain things around the home, such as cooking and cleaning. As mentioned, many elderly people prefer to live in their own home, so if this is their wish, it’s good to respect it, if possible. Also, if the elderly person qualifies for assisted living by the state Health Services organization, this can alleviate some of the burdens on the family.
When to Choose a Nursing Home or Long Term Care Facility

A nursing home or long-term care facility may be a better option in those cases when the family member requires around-the-clock supervision or specialized medical care and the other family members are unable to provide this at home due to work or other conflicts.  Some elderly people prefer living in a nursing home for the companionship of their peers. However, a full medical assessment should be carried out before determining that an elderly family member is unable to live alone.

If the family realizes that their loved one is not getting the best care possible at home, or is disabled by disease and old age, the health and safety of the elderly family member should always come first when choosing the most comfortable and viable arrangement for everyone involved.

15 Responses so far.

  1. Fatima C. says:

    It is nice that there are many good nursing homes to choose from. It shouldnt be forgotten however to visit your loved ones often while they are there.

  2. Kite says:

    It is such a relief to read article as such in consideration for the elderly.
    But nonetheless, it is still best to be with our loved one’s especially at this time of their life.

  3. Somoe says:

    Respecting the wishes of an elderly person especially if he/she has good independence is very important. Also, when choosing a nursing home, it is important to involve all family members in the decision-making process.

  4. JennyR says:

    The end of life care for my grandmother was such an emotion question for my whole family. Knowing that she could be at home and her health care would not be compromised made such a difference for my whole family.

  5. Steven says:

    The elderly have the right to choose their living style. No matter they choose a home health care or a nursing home. But we family members should care for him/here whenever he/she is.

  6. Kevin M says:

    To offer options for the elderly can only benefit our society. My grandparents lived at home until their passing. They had no need to be put in a home. They needed home care and to have good care at home helped them live a happy life till they passed.

  7. Jimmy Jenson says:

    While I appreciate the dedication and devotion that many healthcare professionals have in the US, the entire system needs to be overhauled, from a societal level. Home is the best place for elderly to be, yes! And people need to be around, but the selfishness of family drives me insane. Think about when you were a baby, who was looking over your every need, probably the same people who you now need to look after as they grow old. If needed, yes, hire some professional help, but don’t just be selfish, pay back the care when you can, people!

  8. Love says:

    Its pretty tough having to choose between keeping your loved one at home or sending them to a facility to be better taken care of. Before anything else, the wishes of the elderly person must be considered. Circumstances are different for everyone. No matter what you choose, do not forget to let the elderly know that they are still cared for, loved, and valued.

  9. Rajaram says:

    I can so relate to this. When my ageing mother got ill two years ago, we took the decision to have her at home. We were fortunate to have a good house help for some years before but she needed additional care. It was not easy to find but we persisted and did. She died peacefully and at home. We could not have managed without the help.

  10. Agnes Magdaraog says:

    I believe the best for “elders” , is “home”, as the popular saying goes “there’s no place like home’. The fact that we know our elders attitude, the likes etc…, because they are our bloodlines, the comfort that gives “our own home” is the genuine “love” which I don’t think so “the facilities or nursing home for the elders has”?. The best thing nursing home for the elders best to offer is there modern facilities, placid surrounding, less stress, but this is not enough. Our elders are human beings, what they need most is love and understanding and acceptance.

  11. Jack Garcia says:

    It’s all about industry in America, which, by the way, is not a leader in terms of health, even if the healthcare system is biggest in terms of money in circulation. Makes me wonder, what happens to the elderly folks there who don’t have rich family to be able to afford home care or long term facilities, do they just die, lonely, in some hospital and the state foots the bill?

  12. Robert says:

    I would like to be in a long term care facility when I am old. I could stay with my peers, and do not bring trouble to other family members. Anyway, I would also want to pay visits to family members sometimes if the body is allowed.

  13. Cassandra says:

    Watching your loved one age is not an easy thing to do. Helping them maintain their dignity and independence can be hard to do when they need full time care. Always talk things thru with each other to make sure that everyone is happy with the decisions that are made.

  14. Jen Pack says:

    After my mom passed away, I received the primary responsibility of choosing how to take care of her parents, and I want to make sure I continually make the best decision for them. I like how you point out here the importance of deciding how much care the loved one is in need of. If they only need assistance with certain tasks, it might be beneficial to have more of an in-care option, but if they can no longer live alone safely then it will be beneficial to do more of a long-term care facility. My grandma struggles with Alzheimer’s so I think long-term care would be the most appropriate. Thanks for the insights!

  15. My grandma has been having a lot of health issues lately, but we weren’t sure how to get her the help that she needs. I really like your point about making sure that they can take care of their cooking and cleaning. I know that I would want to make sure that my grandma is getting the right food for her.

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