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Join the Growing Medical Field as a CNA

With the aging population in the United States and the expansion of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the medical field has become one of the fastest growing sources of employment in the nation. That is true locally, as well, as there are an ever increasing number of nursing aide and CNA jobs in Michigan available to those who have the training.

The Outlook for CNAs

The job of a CNA can be a physically demanding one that will keep the practitioner on their toes to provide assistance as needed. In addition to physical stamina, CNAs will need to be patient and able to handle stressful situations. They also will need an empathetic and compassionate attitude when working with the injured, elderly, and sick.

Regardless of the demands, those receiving CNA training can look forward to a bright employment outlook. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, demand for CNAs will increase by a hefty 17 percent through 2024, making it one of the fastest growing job fields.

Currently, Michigan is among the states with the highest need for CNAs. Nearly 50,000 are employed statewide, working for an average salary of about $28,000 per year.

Top CNA Training

Entering the medical field with top notch training as a certified nursing assistant is as easy as contacting Charter Health Care Training Center. Our state-approved program provides the hands-on instruction and experience students need to provide basic care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other residential care facilities, including in-home situations.

Our experienced instructors will teach students the skills needed to become certified as a CNA. They will learn the proper way to feed, bathe, dress, and monitor patients, no matter their level of need. Students will learn the principles of nursing as well as do clinical work, which will prepare them to pass the certification competency exam and be placed on the state CNA registry. All of our instructors are working registered or licensed vocational nurses.

Get in on a growing and satisfying career by training for CNA jobs in Michigan. Contact Charter Health Care Training Center for information about our classes.

12 Responses so far.

  1. Yosleidis Fleitas says:

    This is a lot of work and it should be paid better. This people work really hard and have to endure some really nasty customers, 28k a years is nothing. They should be paid way more. SMH….

    • Hari Sutantya says:

      This includes the risk of being infected by(the virus) the patient they are taking care. So I agree with you that they should have been paid more.

  2. Florian Laur says:

    They should be paid more, but I doubt they will be. As you see, they already seem to be in strong demand, yet they don’t get paid too well. Once there’d be more of them, don’t you think it’ll be bad for any raise? It’s supply and demand…

  3. Matt Damon says:

    Apart from this earning controversy, Do they get basic training like First Aid Emergency Case, Basic Trauma Cardiac Life Support, Intensive Care Unit . Because I found that your course offers the Nurse Aide Role, Infection Control etc, while IMHO I think those first aid training i important

  4. Adeline says:

    With all jobs that require you to be responsible for the well-being and safety of others, you should be paid more than the average desk job!

  5. Toni Fontello says:

    I enjoy helping others but don’t want to take all the years of schooling to be a nurse. Taking these course would get me into the medical field and have job security for years to come.

  6. Isabel says:

    If I were younger, I would definitely try to get into the medical field whether as a CNA, therapist or registered nurse. Medical care will never go out of fashion even with the advancements in technology. There is no substitute for the human aspect which is why CNAs are going to be very much in demand.

  7. Wendy says:

    Working as a CNA is a physically demanding and stressful. But if you have the passion, nothing can stress you out.

  8. Akshey says:

    Average salary of $28000 for a job as important as this seems a bit low. It is mentioned here that CNA’s have to be patient and have to deal with stressful situations. Considering that, the salary seems a bit on the lower side

  9. Jen says:

    Nice article about CNA jobs. I learned a lot from this information.

  10. Tammy says:

    Well this is a great opportunity for someone who genuinely has the compassion for this field. But if you’re just in it for the money, you might as well forget it.

  11. Selena says:

    Being a certified nursing assistant is in high demand everywhere. I no you can’t get rich off of this, but glad you guys are trying to pay top range for this work than other parts of the country.

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