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CNA Training Prepares You for a Nursing Career

Anyone whose ultimate career goal is to become a nurse often begins by taking CNA training, which can be a useful stepping stone. As CNAs work under the supervision of registered nurses, it’s easy to see why the connection between the two careers is so strong.

Sanitizing and cleaning the rooms of patients in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes are common duties of many CNAs, although there’s a lot more to the job than that. A CNA, or certified nursing assistant, is also responsible for a range of other tasks, including applying bandages and dressings and giving patients an enema, douche or suppository.

The typical CNA plays an important role as a link between the nurse and the patient, despite the fact that the role of a CNA is typically seen as being somewhat unglamorous. Most CNAs also help the nurse to make decisions and obtain vital information or readings from the patient.

There’s a big difference in the salary you can potentially earn as a registered nurse and as a CNA. The average nurse’s salary in the United States is around $62,000 a year, as compared to the average salary of a nursing assistant, which is closer to about $28,300 per year. However, it takes many years to train to be a nurse and earn that salary, whereas a CNA can potentially be earning as soon as the relatively short period of training is complete.

There’s no doubt that nursing is a challenging choice of career. However, CNA training can help to prepare you for the rigors and stress of a career in nursing, and if you’re considering becoming a nurse, a stint as a nursing assistant is a great introduction.

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