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CNAs Working In a Hospital

The truth is that the nursing industry is exciting, but it is also challenging, and nowadays being a nurse is quite complicated. This has led to nursing assistants taking care of some procedures that a nurse used to do, such as taking people’s temperatures, blood pressure and so forth.

These types of procedures are considered to be middleman type jobs. Also, when you work as a CNA in a hospital vs. nursing home, then you will likely be subjected to more clinical services.

When a CNA works in a nursing home, they will be working in an environment that will have them perform tasks such as checking for blood pressure. They will also do things such as check the medications patients are taking, as well as check the heart rate of the patients.

Such procedures are extremely important in a nursing home, and this is because many seniors there are taking medicine, and they need to be monitored on a regular basis. Meanwhile, in a hospital, there is quite a bit of exposure to post-surgery, as well as to emergency responses for care that is needed right away. It’s worth mentioning that the experience of working in a hospital is great for a nursing assistant, as it provides them with the chance to learn a lot of different things.

When a CNA works at a hospital, then it better prepares them to work in a nursing home, as patients at one need care on a consistent basis. Also, nursing homes can have emergencies, but this tends to be related to aging in the patient.

A good example is if a patient at a nursing home has dementia. If that’s the case, they will need to be monitored on a regular basis. Not only that, but many patients end up falling at some point in a nursing home, as they can slip and fall or even fall out of bed when attempting to get up.

As you can see, hospitals and nursing homes are different, and there are various activities that take place at both nursing homes and hospitals.

5 Responses so far.

  1. switch says:

    The truth is working as a CNA could be quite tasking, but if you want to gain experience and grow in that chosen profession i believe you have to position yourself in a place where such experience can be obtained.

  2. Martha Garcia says:

    I think nurses are essential in both places; it is unthinkable to haver neither a hospital nor a nursing home without them. Still, I think their hardest work is at the nursing home because there, they are the only healthcare professionals at hand,

  3. Isabel says:

    CNAs are needed in both hospitals and nursing homes. The one thing I see that’s going to be challenging to the CNA in a nursing home environment is that they need to have physical strength as well. CNAs must be able to assist patients when bathing, changing clothes, moving and the like. More often than not, a lot of these patients are just heavy and dead weight so yes, physical stamina/strength is essential.

  4. glad says:

    Nurses are really precious people because they have to tend to patients with different conditions. Yes, the job may not be easy especially working in a hospital but, it gives them more experience. Thumbs up to nurses

  5. Audrey says:

    Nurses assistants are essential in hospitals and in nursing homes equally, though for different reasons (in my opinion). In a hospital setting, Nurses are often busy with larger tasks, and need help monitoring patients so nothing critical goes overlooked. In a nursing home, patients also need constant care. Often needing someone with them for almost 24 hours a day to help them with daily life. Nurses care, but can’t always be there to help a patient take a walk or use the restroom. Having an assistant who can handle both hospital life and nursing home life makes for a more well rounded and versatile assistant.

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