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Duties of Home Health Aides

One of today’s most talked about topics is health care. With elder care homes and hospital prices on the rise, individuals need to find other solutions. A home health aide may be the right path for many.

Duties of Home Health Aides

Duties of home health aides are different from each other, but mainly they offer medical care and little bathing, meal preparation, cleaning or eating.

Rather, they would be licensed in their particular domain – for example, social workers or registered nurses. This could include physical or occupational therapists or even speech and language pathologists for help with speech recovery.

Even though the differing terms for describing these in-home care providers are used rather loosely, differences do exist between the different types of providers. It’s only been recent that distinguishable terms have been used to distinguish them.

A CNA – certified nurse’s aide – is another opportunity for employment within the health industry. It is also highly prized. One of the reasons is that many agree that being cared for in your home is superior.

This type of individual would be considered a home health aide. They would be responsible for assisting patients with their daily tasks. A few of the responsibilities are:

  • Bathing
  • Restroom use
  • Dressing/Undressing
  • Shopping and meal preparation
  • Help with bedding down and waking
  • Keeping track of changes in behavior
  • Regularly taking vitals including weight
  • Assisting with exercises
  • Plus others

Home Health Care Benefits

The main benefit is that patients of any age can remain in their familiar surroundings. No matter how much care they need, it can be provided to them.

Another benefit is that of companionship, which is vital when recovering from something serious. They can be with their loved ones and friends while still getting the care they need.

For those seniors who can’t take care of themselves, both familiar surroundings and companionship have been proven to be extremely beneficial to the physical and mental well-being.


Every state has their certification requirements that must be obtained from the state department of health. After passing, the worker is granted the title of CNA. They’ll first need to pass background and drug tests.

Most employers will run their reference and background checks. And most provide their staff training.

An average home health aide CNA will be helping the chronically ill, elderly, or perhaps helping patients who are rehabilitating with their normal tasks. Those aides who have received their government certification will have more training and be much more qualified, thereby commanding better wages and work opportunities.

With an ever-increasingly aging population in the US, providers of health care of all different types have experienced an explosion in demand, including for popular home health aides. Along with certification, this surge has resulted in better job satisfaction and higher pay. This type of provider is a very important link between the patient and the registered nurse.

Because there is such a shortage in this field, one should take advantage of this and benefit with a higher pay. Depending on your experience, you can earn upwards of $30,000/year with this very rewarding career. Even though this is a great profession, some choose to use this to further their education and move on to becoming a registered nurse.

5 Responses so far.

  1. udayakumar says:

    The pay is decent. The checks need to be stringent, particularly the back ground authentication. Plenty of job openings are available in this sector.

  2. malathy u says:

    The responsibilities are considerable and need to be understood well. Experience will make you competent and professional.

  3. MilanoMils76 says:

    The duties of a home health aide cover many things, so this work requires dedication and patience. The increasing number of elderly, the profession is also getting a much needed. It is not easy though, but it is worth it.

  4. Layla Summers says:

    It is good that more attention is being paid to help with the CNA qualification, because the longer we live the more we are going to need as we get older. And also som of us may not always have good health to see us through our lives.

  5. daphne says:

    I agree that being a home health aide with CNA qualification gives an edge. Depending on one’s experience, one can earn with a higher pay, and others chose this to further their eduction.

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