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Health Care and the Recession

The whole world is well aware of the United States’ economic situation. Every industry in the U.S. has gone through extreme changes while they try to adapt to bad times. Ten years ago the healthcare industry was thriving and increasing with no indications of slacking off. There were more jobs than they could fill, especially in the field of nursing. Then the recession hit.

Suddenly hospitals were cutting back on staff all across the country. Less Americans were taking out health insurance. It looked as if all those optimistic future growth stats were all wrong. The good news is that the numbers are finally beginning to climb back up and once again the demand for health care workers is increasing every year. The healthcare industry took a few small hits but basically stood its ground.

Major Changes in the Healthcare Industry

One of the most notable changes is the certification of hospitals (performed by the Joint Commission). This helps to regulate the quality and cleanliness standards of hospitals. It’s something that was needed badly.

In this age of ever-advancing technology the healthcare industry is seeing new advancements all the time. New medicines and new equipment technology are enhancing the lives of all Americans. HIV treatment is a good example.

Treating HIV was extremely difficult at first. It required a patient to consume a whole cocktail of medications which would have to be monitored. Now all they do is take a pill! It really is amazing when you compare the last decade to this decade and see how rapidly things advance, both in new medications and new and better medical equipment.


If you are considering getting into the healthcare industry then here are some things to think about. One major factor would be the number of available jobs. It is definitely on the rise but you want to make sure whatever role you plan to take is going to be there for you.

Affordable training is another consideration. It truly is an industry that seems to almost recession-proof, because what it does never stops. It takes extremely severe times before the healthcare industry will cut back. All in all if this is your choice it looks like a good one.

10 Responses so far.

  1. Miaka Yuuki says:

    I do not know how long this article has been out but I think the U. S economy is slowly bouncing back. So recession I imagine it less now and think the elections are just around the corner so Politician will try to address this issue.

  2. MIco Robin says:

    It is quiet surprising to hear news like this coming from a world super power. Anyway, if this will persist I am curious how the upcoming government will deal with it as we say goodbye to Obama care.

  3. Maury Cheskes says:

    Healthcare is universally important. I think life coping skills and job training also has a lot of merit in this economy.

  4. Jinel Cooper says:

    Healthcare will always be in demand as a career as a population we are aging and needing more and more healthcare. The shift will be from needing more RNs to more LPNs and Healthcare Aids. RNs are getting to be too expensive for hospitals to staff in large numbers so they are allowing LPNs and Helathcare Aids to do more and more of their duties. If I was going into this field as a young woman, I would set my sights on being an LPN.

  5. Tanysha Woelfl says:

    Everyone, not just in the States needs healthcare. Period. The government should always support this field, since all nations depend on their population having their basic health needs fulfilled in order to make their country grow in all aspects.

  6. Hashim Khan says:

    Healthcare should not be a joke to the people that are governing us. We depend on their decisions and suffer the direct consequences of each. We should encourage everyone to study carefully what each party is offering in the upcoming elections. Healthcare should be a priority to our next president.

  7. Jeanette says:

    So sad to hear when recession hits the healthcare industry. Job cuts always end up compromising the service rendered to patients. Fewer staff means a small number of people are doing a lot of tasks. Multi-tasking is not good when you are attending to patients. Nevertheless, I’m glad that things are improving. I hope this trend continues to go up.

  8. Marissa says:

    I have nurse friends who are concerned about their job security. Well, whoever wins the elections should do something about this. Healthcare should be shielded from the recession!

  9. Yaso says:

    Healthcare should be the last element to be affected by recession! It is very crucial for the safety of the civilians and the governors themselves.

  10. Ricky says:

    My aunt works as a nurse and she’s worried about losing her job. Though she’s near retiring age she still wants to work as a nurse since her passion is to help people who needs it. Hope she doesn’t get affected by this!

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