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Healthcare and America’s Aging Population

People today are living longer than ever before. With these changes, other changes are taking place in healthcare and America’s aging population.

One change is in addition to longer lifespans, seniors are generally healthier than the aging population in the past. With a wide range of excellent health services available to the elderly today, many can look forward to good health throughout their golden years.

Another change is the emphasis on elderly persons continuing to live in their own homes. If a senior is in relatively good health, there are many ways he can benefit from this trend. He can have the comfort and familiarity of his personal environment, enjoy privacy and dignity, and appreciate a quality life.

Concern from family members can accompany these changes. A person with an elderly parent may lack the time or resources to care for the parent in his home, or he may live in a different location. He may know skilled nursing facilities are available, but his parent does not need that degree of care and supervision.

Fortunately, these changes have led to an increase in home health positions, and many individuals who are trained and qualified for the job. If there is a senior in your life who wants to stay at home, it’s not difficult to find the ideal candidate. Whether you are looking for a home health aide, a CNA, or a homemaker companion, you can find the right care for your senior.

Today, it’s not necessary to settle for less than the best, attempt to be a caregiver when you cannot reasonably do so, nor place an elderly person in a long-term care facility when it is not compatible with his health and personal wishes. Home health options can make living at home a safe, healthy, worthwhile experience. It can be the perfect solution for your senior’s later years.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I have worked in home health care before and you are right the more people that are getting up there in age and choosing to stay in their homes is causing the call for more people to work with them. The health part of this fact is something that there needs to be better training for though because a lot of the home care givers aren’t nurses and need to know the basics.

  2. Angela says:

    It’s the fact that has demographers worried: the world’s population is now aging at an unprecedented rate. A new report from the US Census bureau says that: Fertility decline together with urbanization were the dominant global demographic trends during the second half of the twentieth century, such as rapid improvements in life expectancy characterized the early 1900s. As we move through the first decade of the twenty-first century, population ageing has emerged as a major demographic worldwide trend. This is a great time to be in healthcare.

  3. William says:

    The graying of America and a booming Hispanic population is driving major changes in the structure of the U.S. workforce and the types of jobs that will be available over the next decade. That is what a new government report shows. Retiring baby boomers will help open up an additional 33.8 million positions for total vacancies of 54 million. That is a telling statistic and one that those considering careers in health care should make note of.

  4. Jonathan says:

    A quick look through the health portion of this year’s Inc. 5000 list reinforces what we already know: the health IT market is booming. More than a quarter of the 41 health-related companies that landed in the top 500 were directly tied to IT, providing either products, services or consulting. You know what that means: that large companies employ large numbers of people, especially when those companies are making a fortune – or making the Fortune’ 500 list.

  5. Ulysses says:

    It’s been a difficult five years for just about every working American, but working women in particular may have encountered more speed bumps on the road to success than anyone else. While the economy is showing incremental improvement, these small steps may not be enough to get all of the country’s willing, able and ready-to-work women back into the jobs they are looking for. But I think the healthcare field has great potential.

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