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Healthcare is a Great Career

Why a Career in Healthcare is an Excellent Opportunity

No matter your opinion on Obamacare (the new Affordable Care Act), there is one thing for certain: because of the new program, the health industry is taking off. Over thirty million new patients will be added in the coming months and years. This means that more nurses, doctors and even support staff are going to be needed to handle the influx. If you need any more reasons why a career in the health field is as close to a sure thing as you can get, here are a few more:

* You May Be in High Demand

Before all of these new laws, healthcare was constantly in need of new workers. With the right training in the field of your choosing, there should be a plethora of jobs at your fingertips.

* Work Anywhere You Desire

When looking for a career in the healthcare sector, you can choose to live pretty much anywhere you’d like. If you’re sick of living in the heat, move somewhere that it’s nice and cool. If you’d rather work in a smaller, quieter suburb rather than a large city, you’re free to do that, too. You have the freedom to choose pretty much any location.

* Make the Big Bucks

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an individual who has an associate degree within any type of healthcare field, should be able to find employment pretty much anywhere, making $80k-$100k per year to start. Acquiring more and better training will bring that number up even higher. This is because there is a great demand for workers in the healthcare industry.

* A Smorgasbord of Paths for your Career

You don’t have to have an actual medical degree to take advantage of this opportunity. There are many different options to choose from. Anything from dietitians to administrative staff all contributes greatly. Think of all the clinics, hospitals or even doctor’s offices – they will need people behind the scenes to support all of the nurses and doctors. If you’re at the beginning of your education, your options are virtually unlimited.

10 Responses so far.

  1. Chelle Roberts says:

    Indeed, healthcare job is always in demand all over the world. The opportunities are endless and you are assured of high salary and lots of benefits. But I think, more than all of these, many choose to be in a healthcare industry because it is a good and reputable profession.

  2. Toni says:

    There are definitely plenty of opportunities in Healthcare Industry. I am pretty convinced to continue a career in Healthcare. Great article you have. Thanks for sharing.

  3. glad says:

    The obama healthcare program has created jobs and opportunities for people and the fact that you don’t have to study medicine to be able to take this career path is awesome. This is really encouraging.

  4. Ryaz says:

    Could not agree with the whole article. Is it really true that a healthcare provider can work anywhere he or she desires? Geographical relocation to preferred destinations may not always be possible in this profession. However, the rest of this article is really informative and brief, so reading the things around is a fun!

  5. Anne says:

    True enough that when the Obamacare has flourished, more opportunities for healthcare providers were available. This is really great news. I myself is a nurse, so hooray for us!

  6. daphne says:

    I strongly agree that thru Obamacare which is the new Affordable Care Act, more opportunities will be available in the health industry. More reasons are added to get in line with a career in the health field as stated in this blog.

  7. udayakumar says:

    Affordable health care seems a great career opportunity. Freshers and experienced doctors, nurses and support staff can make a new start or take a meaningful mid-career shift to enhance their earnings and career.

  8. Anthony William says:

    Hi there – great article. It’s certainly true that healthcare is a noble and great profession. I have seen this for myself after watching my mother work hard in the healthcare profession after going back to school for almost 10 years! I really enjoyed reading this article and it reminded me so much of my mum!

  9. Brandie says:

    With such a wide range of opportunities in the heath care field I love the ability for relocation at any time. You’re correct – Everywhere needs healthcare providers on every corner of the globe, and the ability to always continue moving up the career path is another bonus. Great outlay of points toward a healthcare position, it could greatly influence choices of anyone looking for a new career path, or students wondering where to go next.

  10. Ru says:

    Wonderful that Obama’s presidency has yielded such great results even with the opposition he faced trying to set Obamacare up.
    Now healthcare is more affordable and accessible to many people

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