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Healthcare Job Options in Michigan

When people normally think about healthcare jobs available in Michigan, their initial thought is of doctors and nurses, because these tend to be the most visual positions.  However, there are many other important jobs in the healthcare industry that should be considered. Also, these positions often require far less training than becoming a doctor or nurse, allowing students to start a new career within just a few weeks.

One such career that may be interesting to pursue is that of a certified nursing assistant or CNA.  Once a candidate passes the CNA exams, there are many different places they can work, such as hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.

For those wishing to work with the elderly and provide in-home care, they should consider a career as a Home Health Aide or HHA. These aides provide care and non-medical services to those who are disabled, helping them to live comfortably and safely in their homes.

Both the CNA and HHA are rewarding careers, and can be good preparation for becoming a fully certified nurse.  Working in these positions also helps candidates to gain valuable work experience while earning an income for their future education.

Michigan has a plethora of healthcare jobs. As people live longer and require health care, this creates a great demand for qualified healthcare workers, providing good job security for them while they pursue a career that they love. There is also a great benefit to working in a field where they know their efforts are appreciated.

If you are seriously considering a healthcare job, it’s a good idea to get your foot in the door with CNA or HHA training.  You can then decide to continue with nursing school if you’re interested in doing so. Whichever path you choose, you’ll have the satisfaction of working in a position that can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

6 Responses so far.

  1. Sunil says:

    Yes, Here we have lot of information for those who are interest in health-care. here we have to notify that other than doctor and nurse we have two different positions are present.i.e. CNA and HHA. Both these two are also very useful in future for the students.

  2. Vincent Royce says:

    Yes, indeed. Nowadays, healthcare job is a lucrative profession. With this growing population worldwide, many countries are seeking health professionals.

  3. Shamkant Sukalikar says:

    Along with the said area the requirement of technicians in ‘Medical Technology’ field is very specific and quite neglected. It will be the best career if CNA and HHA can be coupled with some kind of technical training.

  4. AnnaPinter says:

    I love the fact that there are possibilities like the CNA and HHA whithin the healthcare industry which does not require years and years of training; this is relieving especially for those who actually are interested in this but don’t have the time and money to get a university degree.

  5. RachB says:

    I had never considered the other options out there when thinking of healthcare careers. Thanks for giving me something to think about!

  6. Andy F says:

    Becoming a CNA sounds like it could be a great career option. And it could open doors to many other career paths.

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