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A Nurse’s Aide can Help Your Parents Maintain their Independence

The time will likely come when you’ll need to be the caregiver for your parents. It can be a stressful time because in addition to having aging parents that need your attention, you also have other responsibilities. Fortunately, because this has become such a common concern, more and more resources and services have been developed to help you through this difficult time.

Three Tips for Managing

1. It is certainly important to devise a plan that will ensure the long-term care of your parents. Have a talk with your parents and discuss what type of services will be covered by their insurance as well as what they want for their future. Your plan should include everything from providing nourishing meals, regular check-ups, time for hobbies and regular exercise.

2. It is important that you also take good care of yourself at this time. When you join a support group aimed at helping caregivers, you can share your personal experiences as well as get advice from others in a similar situation. You should also take time for personal interests as well as just to relax a bit.

3. Ask friends and other family members to give a helping hand. Their assistance can help to keep you from becoming overwhelmed. There are often many people willing to help out from time-to-time. As the health of your parents begins to decline, to hire a nurse’s aide can also be a good choice.

Home Health Aides

Many seniors prefer to be able to remain living in their home. By ensuring your parents get a regular visit from a nurse’s aide or home health aide, they will be able to maintain their independence much longer. Of course, hiring professional health care workers will ensure you give your parents the very best care possible.

The Charter Health Care Training Center offers training for individuals wishing to become a certified nurse’s aide or home health care worker. The instructors are registered nurses, and all have many years’ experience. When the time comes to start looking for a compassionate and reliable caregiver for your parents, be sure to choose someone with the exceptional training that Charter Health Care Training Center offers.

As your parents advance in age, a professional health care worker can help relieve the burden of caring for them and make it easier for you to enjoy this time with your parents.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Michael says:

    I must say, I never looked at it this way. I mean that a nurse aide can help my elderly parents maintain some measure of independence. You definitely need to plan out the arrangements for the future of your parents if you are to set them up with good quality care from home. It takes thought and the willingness to face the difficult issues that most would rather put off until it’s too late.

  2. Shila says:

    I think it is vitally important to talk to your parents and really listen to what they are trying to convey. After all, it is their life and they should have a majority say in which choices are made on their behalf. Needless to say, the insurance coverage will dictate the number of options you have; you just have to do your best to work within those parameters.

  3. Brandon says:

    I admit, I am dreading the time when me or my siblings will have to become the caregivers for our parents. When that time comes, I am not looking forward to having those difficult conversations with my brother and sister, as well as our parents, about where or how to continue to take care of their needs. It is truly an emotional, difficult time in anyone’s life. I think articles like this help us to get educated about the available options.

  4. Roy says:

    A friend of mine, a business owner, had a completely different newborn experience. She hired a baby nurse – an amazing benefit for those who can afford it. It made her transition into motherhood much easier and allow her to get back on her feet and enjoy motherhood while keeping her business afloat. So I started wondering if there are Nurse Aides that one can hire for the same duties, or whether that’s risky.

  5. Peter says:

    There is no reason to doubt that a qualified and empathetic nurse aide, who takes pride in providing quality care, plays an important role if the later years of your parents lives. I personally do not believe in warehousing the elderly, as is the custom in the U.S. In other countries, the family continues to care for the elderly parents and includes them as part of the family. This gives them purpose and it extends their lives.

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