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Home Care As Opposed To a Nursing Home

The choice between home care and a nursing home is a serious one. A lot of people who live with disabilities, and seniors, have a desire to stay in their homes as long as they can. People feel more at ease and can be themselves when they remain in their homes rather than in a care facility.

Seniors and disabled individuals alike place a lot of value on their independence. They want to do things on their own.

Their desire to remain independent has prompted their family and friends to offer assistance in helping them stay in their homes. This is a workable solution many times but can also become problematic in time.

There may come a time when these independent individuals can no longer to receive care in their homes. This often happens because they lose their ability to shop, cook their meals, or maintain their hygiene and other necessary daily activities.

Even when they’re receiving continuous care from their loved ones, things can still become problematic. Trying to take on all the responsibilities involved in caring for a person in their home can cause “burnout” for the caregivers. They can be overcome with the burden or even suffer physical injury.

Whenever this happens, the caregivers are forced to rethink their decision to provide care at home. Sometimes this means they see a nursing home as being better able to handle the needs of their loved one.

While in a nursing home, the person is under constant scrutiny and supervision. They are given healthful, nutritious meals, and plenty of social activities to keep their minds sharp.

In a nursing home facility, there is also a qualified staff and updated equipment to help meet the needs of residents. This care includes helping with medications, getting in and out of the bath and bed, and various treatments that would be difficult to do in the home.

Caregivers who experience “burnout”, as well as disabled individuals and seniors who can no longer care for themselves at home, need to give nursing home care some consideration. While in this setting, care is given 24/7.

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  1. mr B says:

    Is caring for the elderly a desirable profession? I can imagine that its difficult to find enough workers for this important profession.

  2. Jhei says:

    Nothing beats home care in my book. I prefer the difficulties of having my folks in my house over worrying about them in some room in some building somewhere. It just doesn’t seem right. I wouldn’t want my own kids sending me away when I am old. Why would I do that to mine?

  3. Cassandra says:

    In some situations a nursing home would be the safest choice for an elderly or disabled person. My grandmother is still in her own home, but faces many challenges and dangers when she is by herself. She has fallen multiple times, and I feel that if she were in a nursing home or assisted living situation that she may not have suffered those injuries. Many places provide physical and occupational therapy to help keep them mobile and more self sufficient. Nursing homes are not always a bad choice provided that they are well staffed and operated by caring individuals.

  4. Kevin M says:

    It is of course clear that someone would want to stay in their home as long as they want. I found though there is a lot in this article to give me a good idea why an elderly person should go in a home where the experts are.

  5. Maury Cheskes says:

    It’s true that the elderly or disabled will often need 24/h surveillance, but a nursing home will often not offer 24/h surveillance. My grandmother who suffers from dimentia is in a nursing home, but kept falling in her room without anyone to assist her. She now has a caregiver in the nursing home, proving both aids may be the proper solution.

  6. Bill says:

    I agree that nursing homes are better than staying in the family home sometimes.

    It is safer for the person in question, but you must weight self-worth and respect for your family member.

    Starting the transition slow with help in the home, then a retirement residence with progressing levels of care is a good way to keep everyone safe and happy in this life stage transition.

  7. Grad says:

    Really great comparision between choosing a home care service as opposed to a nursing home. Each situation is different and people must weigh out their options seriously before deciding on the best one for them.

  8. Suzy says:

    It is a serious and difficult decision to make, however I consider that a nursing home is the best option due to the fact that there is qualified personnel to take care of a person with a disability and seniors. If the disabled or senior has a health problem the nursing home is 24/7 every minute is vital, in these cases.

  9. Steve says:

    Although I think most people would rather “tough it out” and take care of their ailing loved ones, truth is that it’s not always possible and can bring about a ton of stress if you don’t have the ample time and skill needed to care for them – let alone the patience. So checking into a good professionally operated nursing home is something might become a must.

  10. Muckelvaney says:

    Well when care is no longer adequate at home, I think the situation over to the professionals. Afterall, what good would you do for a person if you risk them injuries due to your own inexperience and negligence.

  11. Kay says:

    Very well-written article. You give all families much to think about. I will share your site in some health & wellness groups on facebook.

  12. Kimberly says:

    It is not easy to take care of a disabled or senior but of course it is our responsibility as a familiy member. It is of no means a burden, but with other small children and house chores. There are moments of “burnouts”, and that of course can be a mayor problem. I am considering the posibility of a nursing home facility. Thanks for giving me a new point of view.

  13. kat says:

    In my country its not common to have a nursing home because of the culture. However I’ve seen how not having one can actually take its toll in the family especially if the elderly needs professional care.

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