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Home Health Aide Job Opportunities in Michigan


In this 21st century, home health aide happens to be one of the most marketable professions in
Michigan. That means that qualified professionals, in the sector, can get employed in both
medical, and non-medical positions to contribute their health and social skill to disabled
people and invalids, among other groups in workplaces and or community.

That said, not everyone can serve as a home care worker; serious training and certification
must be achieved before a person can be qualified for the profession. Again, not every ‘training’
is acceptable; for instance, online studying for health aide does not qualify as people must be
physically trained in labs and classes, examined on theory and practical skills, and be regularly
certified. It is in this respect that we, Charter Health Care Training Center, have set shop to
train people for this rewarding profession.

Why train with Charter Health Care Training Center?

Not all learning institutions that claim to train health professionals are approved. We are
licensed to train health professionals, and perform vigorous training in our labs and classes.

We equip students with necessary skills for entry into the home health aide profession
including physical therapy, speech-language therapy, medical social services, durable medical
equipment, skilled nursing care and medical services among others.

Under our training program, we supervise students’ progress and examine their knowledge and
practical skills. We also guide them towards becoming certified home health aide workers.

Why the home health aide profession?

Jobs are limited all over the world, more so to people who don’t have the right skillset.
You can, however, secure your future by training in the home health aide profession, one of the
top professions in the U.S.

Taking care of disabled people, the elderly and recuperating patients is not only a noble
profession, but also one that’s projected to grow significantly in the coming years.
Charter Health Care Training Center guarantees thorough training to equip you with the knowledge
and skills to secure you home health aide job in Michigan.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Richard says:

    Is this a shorter training course then if you were to go through college? Obviously if it is you don’t know quite as much as a certified nurse would know correct? This is a very interesting opportunity however and I would love to see what else I can find on this because it sounds like something I would be interested in doing.

  2. Mary says:

    The thing I feel is very rewarding for both the home health aide and the patient is how the aide provides personal assistance to the elderly, disabled and those living with chronic conditions in their own homes. It is truly beneficial how the aide assists them with activities of daily living – including bathing, dressing and eating – and, on occasion, she often stays to help them overnight. Working for a Michigan based company, I think an aide earns more than the minimum wage and is paid time-and-a-half for every hour she works beyond her usual 40 per week.

  3. Waylon says:

    With an ability to think quickly, act decisively and stay calm when lives are at stake, critical-care nurses are among the in-demand healthcare professionals who make life-or-death decisions about patient care every day. Critical-care nurses treat patients at high risk for actual or potential life-threatening health problems and also tend to the emotional well-being of those patients’ families. That’s no small order, in my opinion. That is why I think it will become one of the most bankable career paths.

  4. Charles says:

    Is this a lot like hospice? From what I understand you take care of them until they pass away is that what they do here as well? I just don’t think that is something I could do, I would get to attached to the people I was helping and then have to deal with their death, and to do that over and over as a career choice just isn’t appealing to me.

  5. Nanette says:

    Many seniors wouldn’t be able to live on their own without help, and would instead have to live with relatives or in nursing homes. Just a short daily visit from a home health care worker can make all the difference in a senior’s life and encourage continued independent living. Unfortunately, there may not be enough willing people to fill those positions. Part of the problem is salary. It’s not uncommon for starting pay to be $8.50 an hour or less, and the median income for home health care workers in 2010 was just $9.70 per hour. A large number are self-employed, and responsible for their own insurance and transportation costs. It’s no surprise that many aides are forced to work multiple jobs and rely on government programs such as food stamps.

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