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Home Health Options for an Aging Population

With persons living longer than in previous years, there have been several changes occurring in the health care sector, and with the aging population in America.

In addition to lengthened lifespans, seniors are now healthier than their counterparts in the past. There is a wide range of health services available today for the elderly, which are excellent and afford the opportunity for many to experience good health as they face their golden years.

Another change is the fact that elderly persons are deciding to continue residing in their homes. Once they are enjoying good health, seniors can benefit from this change. They can live in comfort in familiar surroundings while they enjoy the privacy and dignity of a quality life.

These changes can sometimes also involve family members expressing concern, as they may not have the time or resources required to care properly for the parent in his home, or at a different location. The family member may be aware of nursing facilities with skilled workers which are available, but his parent may not currently need that level of care and supervision.

An increase in home health positions has occurred as a result of these changes, allowing individuals who are trained and qualified, to access jobs. It would be easy to find a suitable candidate if you have a senior in your life, who prefers to remain at home. You may require the services of a CNA, a home health aide or a homemaker companion, and all these persons are readily available to care for your senior.

There is no need for you to settle for less than what is desired, by trying to be a caregiver when it’s not feasible, or place a senior in a long-term care facility that would not cater to his personal wishes, or be compatible with his health. Living at home can be a worthwhile experience as these home health options can be safe and healthy.  This could be the ideal solution for your senior as they approach the golden years.

17 Responses so far.

  1. Rebecca Saviolli says:

    All people want nowadays is to be to rest in the comforts of ones own home. So many people overlook how wonderful the profession of a homemaker companion/ home health aide is. Everyone should rejoice in how times have changed for the better!

  2. Maury Cheskes says:

    People overlook how dedicated a home companion is to elderly folk. They put in full day shifts away from their families to see the job through. The elderly are in the best hands now which I think has contributed greatly to the longer life span for seniors.

  3. Sheila says:

    Many elders want to stay in their home in their later years. Families need the extra support as they move through these later years of their parents. CNAs would be there to assist to help keep up with the needs of families in reassuring their elders are receiving the care they need.

  4. sara says:

    Home health options for elders in important for family to discuss when it comes to the level of care that their love one needs. Will they be able to stay at home unaided or do they need extra support? CNAs could be the answer for many of these families for the needs of their loved ones.

  5. Yasmin says:

    CNA’s are really great help.Having them does not only give you the comfort of being able to do other things, but also the peace of mind that your love ones are being well taken cared of, by a professional.

  6. Yuen Ling Elaine Au yeung says:

    “An increase in home health positions has occurred as a result of these changes, allowing individuals who are trained and qualified, to access jobs. It would be easy to find a suitable candidate if you have a senior in your life, who prefers to remain at home” I agreed so. If the family members are able to take care the seniors persons while to be qualified and trained professional. I think it could be created more job opportunities for the youth

    • Maxim says:

      Yes, to me this would be a great job for the youth. They can learn about life and responsibility as well as a lot of history from all the stories they would hear from their elders:)

  7. ashmita chatterjee says:

    The facility of home health options is so remarkable for the elderly people of our society. The fact that they can still live in a comfortable place in a familiar surroundings while they are getting a quality life and enjoying their privacy is really awe-inspiring.

  8. Marta M says:

    It is important to allow seniors to stay in their home for as long as they are self-sufficient. A home health care professionally can assist with a transition from home life to a senior living facility and allow for seniors to live at home longer.

  9. Thea C. says:

    Home health care is the wave of the future. I see hospitals services largely phasing out in this area of specialty.

  10. B. Jones says:

    Well I know when I get old and sick, If at all possible, I’d rather chill out at home than in a hospital any day!

  11. Matera says:

    Glad to hear that there are more options for elder care. We definitely do not want to forget about the well-being of these citizens who paved the way for us.

  12. Gercha says:

    You hit the nail right on the head ” trying to be a caregiver when it’s not feasible”. Many people just don’t have the know-how, qualification and patience to take care of an aging family member or loved one. Better off to place them in the care of a professional – and now good thing is that it can be done right in home. A win/win!

  13. Remmie says:

    The aging population really needs this. It is a great service.

  14. Pacquette says:

    this is a great field to get into , but you cant just do it for the money. you have to have passion for it too.

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