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Home Health Care or Long Term Care: Choosing the Best Option for Your Loved One

Home Health Care or Long Term Care:
Choosing the Best Option for Your Loved One

Most families see home health care as the better option when an elderly member of the family starts to need more and more assistance doing things on a daily basis. This is true especially in families when the elderly loved one refuses to move in with a family member and prefers to live alone.

However, there are times when the condition of the loved one requires specific medical attention or around the clock monitoring, which means that a long term care facility may be the better choice. Families may reach a point when they need to choose between assisted living, or sending the loved one to a nursing care facility. Here are the instances that could help determine which of these options is best.

When to Choose Home Health Care

Home health care may be an appropriate option in the following instances:

  • The elderly family member is still independent but needs a little help doing things around the house
  • The elderly family member prefers to live alone at home
  • The elderly family member is qualified for assisted living by state Health Services
  • The elderly family member has an existing support system allowing her to live at home with assistance

When to Choose a Nursing Home or a Long Term Care Facility

Nursing homes or long term care facilities may be the better option when:

  • The family member needs around-the-clock or specialized care
  • The family member prefers to live in a nursing home
  • The family is unable to provide 24-hour or specialized medical care at home
  • The elderly family member is no longer able to care for himself and can no longer live alone

The time may come when the family realizes that the loved one is no longer getting the best care at home. He may no longer be able to care for himself due to disease or old age, or the family may be unable to give him the specialized care he needs. It’s therefore important to take great care in choosing which option to take, especially where the health, safety and comfort of the elderly loved one is concerned.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Pattie says:

    Caring for someone can be time-consuming and exhaustingfor you and your bank account. Family and friends can step in to assist, of course, but there may come a point when your loved one needs professional care. I have read that In-home health aides average $19 an hour, and hired companions who don’t provide health care are slightly less expensive. Do the math and you’ll see that for round-the-clock assistance, the tab can run as high as $170,000 a year, making home care a very costly option.

  2. Pattie says:

    If you ever have a long term illness or a chronic condition, you may require extended care at home, in an assisted living facility or nursing home. I think it’s important to maintain your dignity and your hard-earned savings. Have the flexibility and financial security to help ensure you receive appropriate care. It’s important to find an agency that can provide the options you need to help create a personalized plan that can make it easier for you to help protect and secure a healthy financial future.

  3. Francis says:

    I’m all for the home health care instead of the nursing home, I have seen far too many people doing what I would consider ok for their age go in to this nursing homes and they go downhill so fast that you can expect to lose them in the first couple of years that they are in there. I think if they were allowed to stay in their home they would stay with us longer.

  4. John says:

    At first glance it may seem a bit selfish for son or daughter or even a spouse to put a loved one in an assisted care facility. But the reality is that when you are busy making a living, you simply cannot properly care for an elderly person. You cannot afford to do it either. So choosing the right facility is the most important first step in order for you and your loved ones to be happy.

  5. Therese says:

    A nursing home may not be your only choice. That is why I believe that before you make any decisions about long term care, talk to your family, your doctor or other health care provider, a person-centered counselor, or a social worker to understand more about other long-term care services and support. There are many things to consider such as: ones listed below. Community services; Home care; Home health care; Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU); Subsidized senior housing. I’m sure there are many more things to consider.

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