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How to be a Qualified and Effective Nurse’s Aide

Hospitals, clinics and nursing home facilities are increasingly in need of qualified nurse’s aides. Services such as helping patients use the toilet, bathing and turning and moving patients are just a few examples of what a nurse’s aide provides. Other services that they provide are checking blood pressure and taking a patient’s temperature. Clearly, a nurse’s aide requires patience and kindness.

Because the duties of a nurse’s aide can be stressful and challenging, it’s the nurse’s aide who is patient and positive, who will be successful in this healthcare field. The psychological stress and physical demands of working with patients in long-term care facilities must be met by a caring and competent nurse’s aide. Also, a compassionate and mature personality is also important because patients often have trouble expressing their particular needs.

Patience and understanding are needed in this profession because patients who are in long-term facilities sometimes have many needs and may come across as demanding and depressed. However, help that’s given to patients from nurse’s aides usually goes better when they form caring relationships with their patients. To be a good nurse’s aide, it’s also important to be compassionate and encouraging with your patients.

A willingness to learn from mistakes, communicating clearly, and having sound emotional and physical strengths are attributes that are necessary to be a dedicated nurse’s aide. Working with patients who are in long-term facilities, require nurse’s aides also to have the ability to cope with various stresses that often occur in this line of work. Having a strong sense of personal responsibility and being able to follow instructions are also important.

To conclude, to be a good nurse’s aide, one must be mature, compassionate and patient. With these traits, you can look forward to a long and enjoyable career as a nurse’s aide! Find out more about this topic from the many fine articles on the Internet.

16 Responses so far.

  1. Vincent Royce Ampong says:

    A lot of nurses are going out in our country. America and Europe are in need of nurses. I hope that I took nursing course in college.

  2. Diana Tan says:

    Nurses are in high demand around the world and they are well paid. However, they have to clean up and bathe the patients and are on call 24 hours for some jobs.

  3. TJhei says:

    There are “nurses” and there are “nurse’s aides”?!! They seem to perform the same duties, as explained in the article, but are there significant differences? I know some things about nurses, having some colleagues who are in the profession, but nurse’s aides?

  4. Kevin M says:

    I have the basic skills for this. This article gave me the idea to volunteer as a nurses aid.

  5. Lakeyia says:

    I have a degree in Paralegal but I found that I can be a legal nurse or something like that. I am thinking about going back for nursing at my college since I can go for free. I was going to start by being an Aid, but I am going to go through and do full on Register Nursing. I agree that they are in very high demand.

  6. Nicole says:

    Nurses aids or (CNA) Certified Nursing Assistants are super hard working people who receive very little recognition for their efforts. They receive some of the lowest wages in the healthcare profession and their job duties are often times the most stressful and grueling.

  7. Sharaf Mohammad I Ahmed says:

    I have a lot of respect for nurses, but sometimes, even they seem to lose patience and act in a rude manner. Could that also become a role for a Nurse’s Aid, ie, monitoring how the nurse behaves with the patients?

  8. Walston says:

    There’s a huge demand in the nursing profession. I will definitely share your content with a couple of my relatives that have been thinking about entering into the field.

  9. Mulvahill says:

    The key quality for me is patience. It take a lot of patience to do this job and leave any problems you may have at the door everyday and give it your all.

  10. Jade says:

    thanks for telling me about this occupation. I’m considering this career option.

  11. heather says:

    I agree with the above comment that nurses aides are not given enough recognition. The article explains how important the role is in supporting the Registered nurses who are often dealing with very stressful situations. I wonder how anyone can do it- and make a good living as well…..?

    • Vivia says:

      Yes, I can honestly say I gave it a try for a year, but it just wasn’t for me. I have a greater respect for healthcare professionals for all that they do.

  12. Ferranti says:

    I think this might be good for me to check into. I feel I possess the qualities needed to be a great nurse or nursing assistant.

  13. Mcgar says:

    Very detailed article about nursing. I commend you guys for educating the public.

  14. Tammy says:

    How long will this take for training typically. Can I become qualified in 2 years?

  15. Rita Espina says:

    I think very little is known about this profession. It would be nice if you would feature an article comparing its requirements, duties, and compensation with that of registered nursing.

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