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Job Prospects of a Nursing Assistant: A General Overview

A nursing assistant takes care of patients’ most basic needs. Whenever patients require basic care, a nursing assistant is the one that everyone turns to. In this way, job opportunities as a nursing assistant are unlimited and available globally.

In general, a nursing assistant works under a registered nurse, a licensed nurse or other medical professionals involved in care giving, treatment or pathological diagnosis of patients. Nursing assistants work to provide patients care and wellbeing, and there are multiple domains where their services are utilized.

The centers where nursing assistants can work are identified as any place where people need care. A nursing assistant can work in a hospital, clinic, nursing home or a patient’s personal home.

Nursing assistants may serve as the primary caregivers to patients. While filling this role, they are often estimated to offer social as well as emotional support to the patients they are looking after.

Where nursing assistants may work for different patients in hospitals every day, long-term care surroundings often cause the creation of closer relationships between patients and their nursing attendants. These nursing attendants are called hospital certified nursing attendants.

Nursing assistants who are Home health certified work with patients in their homes. They work under the instruction of doctors and qualified nurses. They record patients’ vitals, assist them in daily activities, aid them in therapy, etc. This category of health personnel, often take care of elderly people, physically challenged people or patients who are post-surgery.

Nursing attendants with psychiatric certification often work with mentally or emotionally challenged patients, and they work under the guidance of therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists.

NAs should have no problem finding a rewarding, professional career as job opportunities as a nursing assistant are quite lucrative these days. If one can carry out this profession with sincerity and integrity, then the sky is the limit when it comes to earnings.

6 Responses so far.

  1. Sunil says:

    Very dedicated nursing assistant needs in present society. The person who did his/her job as a responsibility can gets more job satisfaction than the person who works for money.

  2. Isabel says:

    A compassionate and dedicated NA is surely an asset to the healthcare industry. He/she will have no problem finding a job.

  3. Amber says:

    I was recently a patient in the hospital, and the nurses’ aids were wonderful and sweet. Their jobs seem to be the most basic ones, getting my water, blankets, helping me with little things, and answering my questions, but I must admit they were the most wonderful, helpful ones there.

  4. Dawn says:

    I can still remember the nursing assistant who visited my grandmother while she was fighting the cancer that eventually took her away from us. She was an amazing person! We need more people willing to take these jobs and show their love and compassion for the ill and their families.

  5. Andy F says:

    Nurses Aides are greatly undervalued. This is such an important role and takes a special person to undertake it!

  6. RachB says:

    Being a Nurses Assistant sounds a lot like being a mother with many children. A lot of hard work but greatly rewarding!

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