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Reasons for Choosing a Career in Healthcare

If you are undecided, by any chance, as to which career to pursue, you need not worry. It’s an opportune moment you choose a career in healthcare. There are many reasons this is a good idea. In the current competitive world, everyone wants to take a good and well-paying job. If you want such a job, look no further, a career in healthcare is the best choice for you.

Apart from being good and well-paying, healthcare jobs guarantee you job security. Bearing in mind that a large number of healthcare professionals are advanced in age, securing employment in the industry will be relatively easy.

It appears that majority of the professionals will be retiring very soon, leaving behind a big void that only qualified professionals can fill. As a result, you’re guaranteed that you’ll be among those who will replace the professionals, provided you have the requisite credentials.

Another reason you should pursue a career in health is the composition of the population. In the United States, for example, the baby boomer generation represents a quarter of the entire US population, and they are still advancing in age. This scenario leaves one asking “Who will take care of the community as they age?”

Obviously, that is a responsibility for healthcare professionals. But since the professionals are aging as well, there might be a significant shortage of manpower to manage this crisis in the next few years.

A lack of healthcare professionals implies that human resource managers will be scrambling to fill the vacant positions. Due to the impact of the force of demand and supply law, employers will have to pay more to attract the best talent. You surely will want to be among those professionals HR managers will be competing to win. So make that important choice now and pursue a career in healthcare.

At this point, you may be wondering about the right healthcare career to pursue. There is no worry as there are quite some great options for you. You should consider taking a job as a health administrator, pharmacy technician, nurse, medical assistant, or dental assistant. The ball is in your court, just find out which one suits you best and pursue it seriously.

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  1. Kelly Linden says:

    Job security is important. When the demand for staff is higher than the staff available it means you have more choices and room for advancement. A medical career is a good option.

  2. Avery Duncan says:

    I was thinking about going into education but maybe there are more jobs in health care. This sounds like a good field with job security.

    • Raj S says:

      Teachers are pretty in demand, too. And you get to work with kids and shape the thought processes of the next generation (assuming you mean education in the sense of schools). If you do it right, it’s pretty rewarding — difficult, but rewarding. Imparting knowledge is quite a hell of a thing.

      • RJ Larkin says:

        Where we live they are shutting down a lot of schools because of declining enrollment. I was thinking it makes sense as the population ages that there will be more medical jobs than teaching jobs.

  3. Raj says:

    There’s also the heavy hitters of the bunch — doctors and pharmacists. Although that does require years and years of education and considerable expertise, and the ability to deal quickly and efficiently with emergencies that will invariably confront you. But if you manage that…good heavens, you’re pretty much set for life. All in all, healthcare is a pretty great career option.

  4. Shamkant Sukalikar says:

    Final product and by-product will be more as available raw material is more. What I mean to say is the number of persons facing medical problems are tremendously increasing so the demand connected with this subject will be on increase, which of course includes the health care jobs!

  5. Glad says:

    I do know a couple of people in the healthcare field and they are truly well paid, even personal support workers earn a very good salary. I would definitely support the idea of pursuing a career in healthcare, if only I was younger….

  6. Janen Maray says:

    Selecting a job is very important. You should consider a lot of things. First,the salary, if it will you in paying your bills,it should enough. And most of all you should love the job you will choose because you’re almost giving half of your time in your work, so you should love and enjoy it.

  7. Rustom Amaria says:

    Having a secure job career is very important for survival. Often we learn that people are job hoping due to insecurity or an unstable job market. This article was interesting to read and to learn of a new career available which is promising.

  8. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “But since the professionals are aging as well, there might be a significant shortage of manpower to manage this crisis in the next few years.” I agreed so. What I think that, most of qualified persons are closer to retirement age, thus, the youth has much more job opportunities in the future years.

  9. Gaurav Goel says:

    While current healthcare system provides a good option for emergencies, there are alternative medical systems available as well such as Ayurveda, Yoga, etc. So, one should choose healthcare career option is he/she is committed to get full knowledge and provide holistic help to patients.

  10. Elaine says:

    “Due to the impact of the force of demand and supply law, employers will have to pay more to attract the best talent” What I think that, the manpower shortage is related to demand and supply, Each city and province has different demand. It is very useful to take a look on the Government statistics figures.

  11. Isabel says:

    The healthcare industry will never go out of fashion. Hence, the prospects for healthcare workers are quite bright as the demand rises for these types of services.

  12. Fatty says:

    This is really true as there are so many countries in the world that pays high salary for health professionals. If I only knew Radiologic Technician’s in demand in countries like Singapore and Canada because of lack of manpower, I will enroll in the course.

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