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Learn About Patient’s Rights

Many elderly patients choose nursing home facilities as the best option for care that they can rely on. Nursing home facilities tend to be popular because these facilities have strong reputations for respecting patient’s rights.

The health care professionals at such facilities must reassure the seniors who receive care that their rights as patients are being protected. The facility or provider could suffer legal challenges if the patient’s rights are not being respected or upheld.

Patient’s rights in a nursing home setting include:

  •  A Right to Privacy

Patients in nursing home facilities must feel that their right to privacy is being upheld and maintained. Consequently, if any patient wants to use the bathroom on his or her own, he or she must be able to request this from the assigned assistant. Privacy can also include a request from a patient to be alone in his or her room.

  •  Treatment with Dignity and Respect

Patient’s rights also include the right to be treated with dignity and respect. A patient in a nursing home should never be threatened, demeaned, manipulated or have to suffer abuse from any of the persons caring for them. The nursing facility could risk being sued for personal injury or neglect if any of the staff break this rule in any fashion.

  • The Right to the Best Care Every Time

One of a patient’s rights is access to treatment which has to serve his or her best interest. Therefore, all caregivers must behave in such a manner which reflects that the patient’s safety and health is of utmost importance. Any evidence which reflects neglect of patient’s rights or deviation from policy could result in legal ramifications.

Every patient of a nursing home relies on the care professionals for trusted, safe and secure care. No patient is going to accept being treated with neglect or abuse, and will not tolerate boundaries being broken. All caregivers must take an oath to protect the previously mentioned patient’s rights in addition to any other rights which affect senior citizens.

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