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Life in Flint Michigan

Flint is the seventh largest city in Michigan, about 60 miles northwest of Detroit. The population of approximately 103,000 is large enough to offer big city cultural attractions and recreational activities. Whether you’re moving to the city or simply visiting, there’s much to explore and experience.

Notable Historical Facts

Flint was founded by Jacob Smith, a fur trader, in 1819. Since then, the city has been involved in several industries, including trading and trapping, lumber and the manufacture of carriages. Most recently, the auto industry has played the dominant role. Here’s a few interesting historical facts:

  • A 1937 sit down strike changed a fledgling United Auto Workers movement into a union of note
  • Flint was a major manufacturer of tanks and war materials during WWII because of its manufacturing capabilities
  • General Motors was headquartered in Flint until the 1920s, and, for a time, all Chevrolets and Buicks were built at this plant

Enjoying Life in Flint Today

Residents of Flint enjoy numerous institutions, venues and events, including:

  • University of Michigan Flint campus which is the state’s fastest growing university
  • Flint Institute of Arts, the state’s second largest art museum with over 8,000 works of art, and numerous family and outreach programs
  • Flint Symphony Orchestra, performing acclaimed concerts, classical to Holiday Pops
  • Flint Youth Ballet and Flint Youth Theatre add to cultural offerings available
  • Sloan Museum, Buick Automotive Gallery and Longway Planetarium host more than 100,000 visitors a year
  • Crossroads Village is a turn of the century town that offers a glimpse into the past
  • Sporting clubs, areas and golfing greens are world class
  • Major medical facilities are located in Flint, including the Hurley Medical Center, Hurley Children’s Hospital, McLaren Regional Medical teaching hospital, and the Select Specialty Hospital

The Flint City Calendar of Events keeps track of all the recreational, sports and cultural events. From meeting friends at the Farmers Market or exploring the downtown shops, you’ll be sure to find activities that suit every preference. Life in Flint Michigan is enjoyable all year round.

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Jeffrey Gynn says:

    I’m not sure Flint is the place for me. While it has a pretty illustrious past it appears that the glory days have past it by. Of course I could think of many worse place.

  2. Nina says:

    My husband is from Flint and based on what he’s told me, I don’t think I’m missing much. Especially now with the water situation. Plus the crime rate is just as bad as Lansing and Detroit. Plus aren’t all the GM plants in MI closed down or on their way to closing?

  3. AlvinJohnE says:

    I have a friend just moved to Flint and she express a delightful moment in her new place. But of course, she’s in new surrounding so she cannot tell the worst part yet (hope not). She talks about this Farmers and market and downtown shop. She said so far life in Flint Michigan is enjoyable.

  4. John C says:

    I have friends who have been to the Sloan Museum, Buick Automotive Gallery and Longway Planetarium. They said that if you’re near Flint, you should definitely pay them a visit. It will be worth your while.

  5. J. Wisenbaker says:

    Sounds like some great things are going on in Flint! I have a cousin who is in their 3rd year at UofM Flint.

  6. Shebby says:

    Flint sounds cool but that cold weather there is just not for me lol.

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