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Nurse’s Aide Jobs Need Patient Workers

The demand for qualified nurse’s aide employees is growing in long-term care facilities like hospitals and nursing homes, as well as in clinics. This nursing specialty includes duties such as bathing, turning and moving patients and helping them use the toilet. Simple procedures, like taking a person’s temperature and checking blood pressure, are also typical duties for a nurse’s aide. This is a kind of work where patience is truly a virtue and a desirable attribute.

Nurse’s aide workers who are most successful tend to have a positive attitude and a lot of patience because this type of employment can be quite stressful. A nurse’s aide must meet both the physical demands of lifting patients, but also the psychological stresses of working with people in long-term care facilities. Patients sometimes have trouble expressing their needs, and a mature and compassionate disposition is a must.

Patients in long-term care facilities have many needs, can be demanding and depressed, requiring a lot of patience and understanding by those who work with them, like nurse’s aides. Competent aides can form a good relationship with the people they care for, making the tasks easier for both parties. Nursing is a vocation that requires the ability to be encouraging and compassionate toward the elderly and sick.

Dedication to the nurse’s aide profession requires both emotional and physical strength, above average communication skills and a willingness to continue learning from mistakes in a constructive way. Nurse’s aide workers in long-term care facilities need to have the ability to cope with the stresses of working with this patient group. It’s also important for nurse’s aides to be good at following instructions and have a strong sense of personal responsibility.

People with the qualities of maturity, compassion and patience, are those who can look forward to a long and satisfying career as a nurse’s aide.

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  1. Mary says:

    Patience is indeed one of the virtues that a person must have when working in a medical profession. Especially when dealing with the elderly. I cared for my dad when he was bed-ridden. And he was irritable and moody. Anyone would be irritable and moody too if cooped up all the time in a room and can’t hardly move. Although I totally understood why he was like that, sometimes I just feel so frustrated because I get exhausted too. That is why I have a lot of respect for nurses and caregivers and everyone in the medical field. It’s not only a job for them. It’s a passion.

    • Quiana says:

      Jeg er simpelthen sÃ¥ fuld af beundring, Wenche. Hold da op hvor har du bare opfyldt mange drømme for dig selv – og for andre. At skulle pÃ¥ en workshop hvor &qu¦;tlÃorerne" er sÃ¥ engagerede helt ind i hjertet, mÃ¥ bestemt være en drøm for mange.Hvor er jeg bare glad pÃ¥ dine vegne. :))Og hold da op hvor er du fantastisk til at brodere! Jeg er vild med dit store broderi…ja, ogsÃ¥ de smÃ¥. :))Kh

  2. Chelle Roberts says:

    You have made a good point in this article. thank you. Very true, nursing homes, hospitals and clinics need patience in their nurses. But we do not have to worry much because our nurses are trained to do their job with patience. Most of them know and have accepted this responsibility and are willing to help us to take good care of our patients and elderlies.

  3. Anne says:

    Indeed. Patience, a broad mind and mature disposition are what qualifies a person to take on a Nurse’s Aide’s job. As a Nurse, I have experienced difficult patients and sometimes you really need a partner in all of these. Long-term or chronic cases are one of those cases that test your love for the profession. A health-care provider should be able to empathize — understand what the patient is going through (with the virtues you carry to back you up) and do something about it.

  4. Jose says:

    A very good read!. I really admire people that are in this profession. I think it is more a calling than work.

  5. daphne says:

    All work is stressful, so each one should be patient. Emphasis is given to nurse’s aid workers on this blog since they must cope with both physical and emotional stresses of working with the elderly and sick in a long-term care facility.

  6. Laura Beagle says:

    I can confirm that it does in fact take an awful lot of emotional and physical strength to be a nurse aide. Before switching roles I sent over five years in this position and it was grueling every single day. On the other hand though – great levels of job satisfaction.

  7. udayakumar says:

    A well trained nurse will be able to bring a professional attitude to the challenging job. If the nurse is able to be detached yet firm, patient and compassionate, it may not be difficult to overcome stress.

  8. Brandie says:

    Wonderful article, I love your focus on the need for patience and a positive attitude. For the patients, this is critical as the worse they are feeling the more they need compassionate services; for the possible care providers it is critical that they understand some patients will require the extra time and effort as you mentioned. Great overview, and wonderful conclusion paragraph!

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