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Some Thoughts on a Nursing Assistant Job

Taking care of a patients most basic needs is what a nursing assistant does. A nursing assistant is the one everyone turns to when basic care is required by the patient. With this being said, nursing assistant job opportunities are truly available globally and are virtually unlimited.

Basically, it’s under a medical professional, licensed nurse or registered nurse that a nursing assistant will work. They will be involved in the treatment and care giving of patients. They are dedicated to providing well-being and care to their patients, and their services are truly required in multiple domains.

For patients, nursing assistants can, and very often do, serve as the patient’s primary care giver. In the course of filling this role, they will offer their patient social support as well.

And even though in hospitals, nursing assistants will work for a variety of different patients, when it comes to long term care surroundings, the relationships between nursing assistants and their patients will invariably take on a far closer connection. “Hospital certified nursing attendants” are what these nursing attendants are called.

Home health certified nursing assistants will work in the home of the patient involved. They will work under the direction of qualified nurses and doctors. They will assist their patients in their daily activities, record their vital signs and help out with their therapy needs. These sorts of health personnel lend their care to patients who are post-surgery, physically challenged or elderly.

With those patients who are emotionally or mentally challenged, the attendants involved will be psychiatric certified and work under the guidance and direction of psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists.

Nursing assistant job opportunities are truly quite lucrative these days, and with the great demand out there, finding a rewarding professional career is truly not a problem at all to those seeking one. For that individual committed to carrying this profession out with integrity and sincerity, the world is truly at their feet when it comes to their earning power!

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  1. Jiffy Rando says:

    Well any job nurse assistant or not entails challenges and hardships I should know for my brother is a nurse… I agree being a nurse or being in a medical field for that matter can be lucrative but it is this very reason why it is causing what I call as a nursing boom that the sheer volume of graduates do not know where to get jobs because of competition.

  2. Rine Pontoh says:

    It’s no easy to be a Nurse.
    To be a nursing assistant .. they should have integrity and sincerity.
    Usually, the patients who employ them are people with special needs and of course have money (for private nurses).
    Very rarely as a voluntary worker.

  3. Ingrid says:

    In my country this activities are performed by actually nurses, you know, without any kind of specialization, sadly, are not well paid.

  4. Annise says:

    Please be aware, you should decide a nursing assistant career based on your passion and interest in health care, otherwise is gonna be awful for you.

  5. Melina says:

    In some countries, nursing assistants are under-appreciated. Some people do not see the hardship in doing this kind of job.

  6. Reyna says:

    Being a nursing assistant indeed requires various skills and most importantly a lot of patience. It is not an easy job to do.

  7. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “In the course of filling this role, they will offer their patient social support as well.”
    I agreed so. What I think that, for the children’s role, they should understand and more support to the parents. It let their parents happy and cheerful.

  8. Delilah says:

    I wouldn’t get into this job if salary is my main objective. Lucrative, yes, but you have to work for it. Like, really work hard for it. Working hard means putting your heart into it — dedication, sincerity, and compassion. As what the article said, a nursing assistant has the most personal relationship with a patient than any healthcare professional. And you have to be true to yourself and your patient in order for you to be an effective nurse assistant.

  9. Judee says:

    Indeed, this is the most “personal” job because you’re with the patient practically the entire shift. It sounds very easy, looking after another person. But not all patients are the same; there are patients that require minimal assistance and there are those who are bed-bound and unable to move by themselves. If you wish to get into this career, better think about it first.

  10. Martine says:

    I like the fact that with this job, you have the opportunity to become an LPN or RN someday (with further studies of course). I reckon it will be a lot easier to move up because of the experience you gained as an NA will help you tremendously. On the other hand, an NA is already a fantastic career and is something that is worth staying for the long term.

  11. Harv Strickland says:

    We can never have enough health care professionals. With all the new ways to get into accidents and new diseases coming out of the woodwork, this is a profession that at least one member of every family should have.

  12. Ivan R. says:

    The fact that anyone in this field of work will have opportunities for career advancement is a pleasant surprise. I always thought they’d be stuck in the job unless they switch careers. Thank you for clearing that up!

  13. Dana says:

    Great writeup on becoming a nursing job assistant. I think this may be a great career move for me!

  14. Xiomara says:

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