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Nursing Home Job Opportunities

Certified nursing assistants, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and geriatric nurses are the four current areas for nursing home job opportunities in the US.

There are different responsibilities and tasks associated with each of these nursing home jobs, as well as differing educational requirements. A larger nursing home may employ each of the different nursing types while a smaller nursing home might only employ registered nurses or certified nursing assistants.

In most nursing homes, certifies nursing assistants (CNA) are the most highly paid and the most visible and have a nursing assistance degree from Charter Health training center or other well-known facilities.

Feeding, bathing and dressing patients and helping them use the toilet are just some of the many responsibilities of a CNA, and CNAs work closely with patients and other staff to ensure the patients’ needs are all being taken care of.

A registered nurse (RN) has a high level of patient care entrusted to them and has a 2 or 4-year nursing degree. Administering medication, monitoring patients, diagnostic testing and monitoring of patients are just some of the essential duties.

The RN is often the first point of contact between the medical staff and the patients in a nursing home, as many nursing home doctors don’t work full time. An RN must work well under pressure, be well organized and possess good management skills.

RNs earn more than licensed practical nurses, (LPN) as they have more responsibilities and a higher level of education and supervise the LPNs. An LPN makes sure that the nursing home is operating efficiently and safely and records vital signs as well as monitors and keeps medical charts.

Many nursing homes today have a high demand for geriatric nurses who specialize in looking after more elderly patients. Elderly patients need more specialized physical and mental care than regular patients, and geriatric nurses are trained to provide this care and to make sure they remain as healthy as possible.

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  1. Chelle Roberts says:

    Doing a nursing home job is a very noble profession. I salute them because most of the time, they no longer consider the amount of their salary because they are willing to serve and give their extra mile in taking care of their patients.

  2. warne says:

    The demand is high. The work is not happy on. A good positive mental state is mighty essential.

  3. malathy u says:

    The nursing profession is respected globally. The demand and pay is high and decent respectively.

  4. daphne says:

    This blog makes us aware of different responsibilities and tasks associated with each nursing home jobs. There are also different educational requirements, and thus, specialization is essential.

  5. Uzor Godpower says:

    This article is great. It is an eye opener for thosoe who like to practice medicine from home.

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