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Different Nursing Home Job Opportunities

There are currently four types of nursing home job opportunities that U.S. residents can pursue: CNAs or certified nurse’s assistants, geriatric nurses, RNs or registered nurses, and LPNs or licensed practical nurses.

While small-sized nursing homes typically hire just RNs and CNAs, larger nursing home facilities can employ all four nurse types. Each of these nursing home job opportunities requires a very specific level of education and each comes with its own responsibilities and functions.

CNAs tend to be the busiest of these professionals and they can also be the highest paid and most visible. These individuals have degrees in nursing assistance that they have earned from reputable learning institutions like the ABC Training Center.

CNAs work closely with nurses and patients alike to ensure that all patient needs are being properly met. They have a variety of responsibilities such as dressing and bathing their charges, feeding patients and even helping people go to the bathroom.

RNs have either two or four-year nursing degrees and they handle a much higher level of patient care. These professionals handle emergencies, monitor patients, administer and dispense medications, educate patients, and even perform diagnostic testing.

Given that most nursing home doctors are not available on a full-time basis, RNs commonly serve as the initial point of contact between the on-site medical staff and nursing home patients. Due to this fact, these professionals must have good organizational and management skills and they should also be adept at working in high-pressure situations.

When compared to licensed practical nurses, registered nurses have more education, and a far greater range of responsibilities and tasks which is why their salaries are significantly larger. Among some of their duties are supervising and assigning LPNs. LPNs have the responsibility of maintaining medical charts, recording vital signs and making sure that nursing homes are functioning smoothly overall.

Among the most high-demand nursing home job opportunities available is geriatric nursing. Geriatric nurses are very similar to registered nurses but they specialize in elderly care. These individuals have a considerable amount of experience in providing both physical and mental care to aging adults.

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