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Nursing Home versus Home Care

The task of choosing between a nursing home and home care can prove daunting. Many individuals living with a disability and seniors prefer to remain at home for as long as possible. People feel free to be themselves when they’re at home, and they also feel the most comfortable there. Additionally, seniors and disabled individuals value their independence, and they enjoy doing their own things.

This often leads to friends and family members offering their assistance so that the individual can continue living at home. Sometimes this arrangement is workable; however, it may become a problem after a while.

The time may come when these individuals can no longer be cared for at home. This happens a lot of times because he or she is no longer able to make meals, shop for groceries, take care of their hygiene and perform other necessary everyday activities.

Even with constant help from loved ones, these things could become problematic. When trying to take on the responsibility of caring for someone at home, caregivers can experience “burn-out”, get physically injured or become overburdened.

When this happens, people are often forced to think about placing their loved ones in a nursing home that can better take care of their needs. In this setting, your loved ones will be under constant supervision. They will be provided with nutritious meals, and their minds will be kept sharp with all the social activities planned for them.

Additionally, the equipment and staff at these facilities will assist with the various needs of the residents. These include various treatments, medications and help to get in and out of bed. There are medical professionals to take care of all their needs.

Caregivers who are experiencing “burn-out” and seniors or disabled individuals who are no longer able to take care of themselves in their homes should think about nursing home care. In this setting, you or your loved one will receive care 24 hours a day.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Kabir says:

    nice writing. Yes its hard to send away your loved ones to some other places. But it the betterment of their own where they can be taken care better. Life can be so difficult some times that we can not even do simple tasks by ourselves.

  2. Shayla says:

    It is a very hard choice to move a loved one into a care facility. My grandmother is fortunate to have funding that allows her to live in a decent home. She is 90 and, bless her, she lives in the wing of an assisted living facility for those who need the least supervision and care. She hates living there. She misses her little apartment and her freedom. She was doing well, but when she started falling and being all alone (and not wearing her emergency button) it was time to get help. my mom had been her primary caregiver for the better part of 15 years. She did the best she could, but moving in was not an option.

  3. Mayette Walsh says:

    I strongly agree. I am 40 yrs old, but as early as I now, I am telling my kids to send me to the Nursing Home when I get old. I don’t want to give them the burden of taking care of me 24 hours as they already have their own families and lives to take care of. Nursing Home is the best place for seniors and with disability who needs 24-hour assistance: physically; mentally; emotionally and psychologically. All the staff in the Nursing Home are trained to take care and to understand what these people are going through.

  4. dahakaksha says:

    This is really a sensitive topic.I myself had an experience of this with my grandmother who lived 93years unfortunately we lost her last year.We can’t leave our loved ones whether they are fit or not healthy.In my opinion home care is best decision whether we are busy in our daily work rather than keeping them in nursing home.This is because any human being want their lead there last days with there loved once.

  5. Ishka says:

    Home care is of course ideal, however, to families who are not used to a very hard and sensitive set-up (involving health and safety) it can be very fatiguing. True enough, that it is very fulfilling to be able to take care of your own family, but, as said in the article, there will come a time that the elderly cannot be taken cared of at home due to worsening medical conditions. Good article!

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