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Plenty Of Opportunities For Nurse’s Aides In A Hospital Setting

Nurse’s aides have a lot of opportunities to work in hospitals. Often referred to as ‘NA’s they do very important work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. They work under the direct oversight of nurses (RN’s) and doctors.

A Nurse’s Aide handles a lot of the most basic treatment requirements for patients who are bed-ridden. It’s the NAs who are mainly in charge of the health care being provided in a workplace like a hospital. Together the Nurses and Nurse’s Aides provide care-giving functions that are necessary for the recovery of their patients.

Nurse’s Aide Duties

These talented and caring people dedicate themselves to work they are appointed to within the hospital they work for. Usually, they’re given basic responsibilities like feeding, grooming, and bathing patients, and helping them to try to continue with their normal way of life as much as possible. They also help to comfort those who are in pain.

NAs that are experienced and certified are given roles that are more medically-oriented. They may be called on to record temperatures, take vital signs, and take a patient’s blood pressure. They are sometimes called ‘nursing attendants’ and help to care for patients with acute ailments who might be trying to cope with post-surgery/disease trauma.

These humanitarians are there to give the patients the attention they need as well as carry out suggested practices from the attending physician. They help people along their road to recovery.

Aside from the responsibilities of the patient’s daily needs, an NA will also pull shifts as acting night attendant. This service is provided for all hospital patients, therefore there is an NA associated with nearly every patient admitted into most hospitals. Whether a patient is assigned an NA or an RN will depend on the severity of their condition.

Nurse’s Aide job opportunities are constantly changing in hospital settings. Today they may work at a hospital indefinitely or long enough to study to become an LPN or RN. Just like hospitals and care facilities need good doctors in order to function well, they also need good NAs as well.

13 Responses so far.

  1. Letizia says:

    I think NA is good career path for those who want to involve in healthcare services and want to have hands on experience as soon as possible. You can learn and gain experience more when you work on the real problems.

  2. Zoey says:

    Reading a lot about how big is the demand in the healthcare services makes me really considering to pursue it. This article is really a boost for motivation.

  3. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “Just like hospitals and care facilities need good doctors in order to function well, they also need good NAs as well.” I agreed so. What I think that, no matter which professional, a good assistant is needed to perform the job done.

  4. Ingrid says:

    Doctors, nurses, nurse´s aide, cleaning staff, every one of them are important in the hospital, just a favor, choose this career when you really love this area because it´s really hard, not all the people can handle this.

  5. Annise says:

    I think that, to be part of a hospital team you have to be extremly involve, every one of them are important to the well function of a hospital.

  6. Danielle says:

    You have to have a lot of COMPASSION to succeed in this job. Being an NA means taking care of another person. If you’re planning to get into this job for the money, forget it. It’s tough, but if you won’t think of how much you would get at the end of the week and be contented with a “Thank You” from a patient, then you’re a true-blue NA.

  7. Estelle says:

    Being a Nurse Aide is a very good step to becoming an LPN or an RN. However, if you do not wish to proceed, an NA in itself is already a very rewarding job. So if you want to have a career in the healthcare industry, be an NA. You will have a very good picture of how things go in a hospital — which professional works in what capacity,the workflow, shifting schedules, etc. Do you wanna stay as is or become another professional?

    • Garza says:

      Yes, a lot of people tend to view a nurses aide as just a stepping stone. But they fail to realize that nurse aides play a vital role in the healthcare field. It is best to review the role of each profession in order to discover which one best fits your personality and career goals.

  8. Jiffy Rando says:

    This article is good in elaborating what nurses face everyday, the job is both rewarding. I should know because in the Philippines 10 years ago people are flocking in nursing courses in the hopes to get all these perks.

  9. Perry Jacobs says:

    Humanitarians eh? I do agree. However, I doubt that all are consistent with that description. A lot of horror stories about such people in this profession can actually be viewed in various video sites.

  10. Quentin I. says:

    It is nice to know that people in the health care profession also has oppportinities like this to move up the ranks. The competition may be stiff, but this is at least a chance to do something.

  11. Mau T. says:

    Being an NA (or RN or MD) is hard work but very fulfilling. As someone whose Dad relied a lot on these people in his last days of life, I came to view good healthcare professionals are Godsent.

  12. Olivia says:

    I’m still not sure the difference between RN and NA. Yeah, I know RN spent a lot of years in school. But after school they both know the same thing. Do they have different responsibilities? How about their salaries?

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