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Patience Is a Virtue For Nurse Aides

Long term care nurse aides work in nursing homes, hospitals and clinics, and qualified nursing aides are in demand. Nurses who specialize in long term care bathe, turn, move, and toilet patients. Those who work as care aides carry out simple medical procedures such as temperature taking and monitoring blood pressure levels. Are you keen to know why patience is a virtue that long term care nurses must possess?

Nurses who care for people in the long term should have a sunny disposition because their patience will often be tested to the limits. Nursing is physically and mentally demanding and nursing staff must cope with stressful situations every day. Some patients cannot express themselves, but mature and caring nurse aides understand patient needs.

People who are receiving long term care can be demanding, so patience is high on the list of virtues for anyone considering a job as a nursing aide. Competent and patient nursing aides can forge good relationships with those in their care and this makes time-consuming tasks much easier. A nurse aide who cares for the sick or elderly will be expected to offer encouragement, and compassionate nurse aides know that nursing is a vocation.

Dedicated nurse aides who care for patients in the long term should be emotionally and physically strong, have good communication skills and be willing to admit to any mistakes made. Long term nurse aides have certain personal qualities that enable them to cope with the strains of working closely with their patients. Aides should have a strong sense of responsibility and be able to follow instructions.

People warm to caring nurse aides because their friendly approach makes them feel safe and secure. There are many reasons why patience is a virtue that nurse aides must possess and a mature, responsible aide can look forward to a lengthy and rewarding career.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Terry says:

    Patience is a virtue indeed. Working with the sick or the elder could be hard since those people are not in a position where they are happy or in comfort. Nurse could be the target of unintended anger or frustration from the patients.

  2. Robin says:

    I don’t think I can survive being a nurse. I don’t have the patience required to deal with people in such situations. I really do admire people who are in the healthcare field and people who find this job rewarding.

  3. ruthy says:

    nurses are special people. it takes real skill and patience to take care of others

  4. Marcel says:

    Being a nurse sure does require patience and endurance, but I think it can be quite enjoyable if you like to nurture and help people. I’m not cut out for this though.

  5. Strike says:

    You’re darn right that nursing aides must have patience. There should be a patience test when hiring someone for this position if it’s not already. You can’t just be in this profession for the money. you have to really want to help people or you will not do well with this.

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