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Enhanced Food Services   arrow

Charter’s enhanced food service class teaches in depth knife skills, table service, and how to plan for large scale food production.  This is a one day course that is six hours long.  The information in this class will give students the tools to garnish food and plates, in depth understanding of table service, and how to determine the amount of food needed to cook for a large amount of people.

This course will have 3 hours of lecture and 3 hours of lab.  In our lecture portion we will be discussing garnishing techniques and specific knife cuts, napkin folding and different styles of table service, and different techniques on calculating the amount of food you will need for any amount of people you will be serving.  Our lab portion we will be practicing the knife skills learned, making the napkin folds, and scaling recipes to have enough food for the amount of individuals we will be feeding.

Knowledge and skills learned will be applicable for employment in any type of food service operation.  Training will be held at Charter Health Care Training Center where we have fully furnished kitchen to work in.

Enhanced Food Services is a 1-day course held on Monday every five weeks. The class is approximately 6 hours long.
Total Program Hours: 6 hours