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Food Service   arrow

The food service program offers students an introduction into the health care profession and commercial food service establishments.  Students will learn the skills to successfully provide safe and healthy meals in a sanitized kitchen.

Program content includes: Kitchen safety and sanitation, food temperature, food handling safety, food borne illness, diet orders and customer service skills.

Knowledge and skill learned would be applicable for employment in long term care facilities, assisted living facilities, hospitals and even commercial food service establishments.

Charter Health Care Training provides students with three core methods of learning which include lecture, lab and on-site training. The lecture and lab portion will be provided at the Charter Health Care Training facility which has a working kitchen in its lab.  The on-site training portion will be completed at a health care facility.  Upon successful completion of the program, students will have the competency and knowledge to work in food services.

The food service Program is a 4-week course, held 4 days per week.  Each class is 6 hours long.

  • Lecture – 36 hours
  • Lab – 36 hours
  • Health Care Facility On-site Training – 26 hours
  • Total program: 98 hours

For class schedule, registration and additional information, please call 810-553-9900.