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Patient Rights in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are a popular and trusted type of long-term care facility for the elderly. Among the reasons for this popularity is the reputation these facilities have for the rights of the patient.

People who are living in nursing homes have many legal rights that health care workers must legally respect. Failure in protecting these patient rights can have serious legal consequences for a nursing home facility.

The most important rights for a nursing home patient are:

Privacy Rights for Patients

Patients have the right to privacy that includes such rights as the ability to use the restroom unaccompanied if the patient requests this. Privacy rights for patients also include the right to spend time alone in one’s personal room.

The Right to Respect and Dignity

A patient also has the right to expect to be treated with dignity and respect, meaning that caregivers cannot demean, threaten, manipulate or in any way abuse a patient in a long-term care facility. If caregivers break this law, they are open to charges of neglect and personal injury litigation.

The Right to Adequate Care

The patient also has the right to expect the best available medical treatment for their needs. This means that the facility and its staff must always act to protect the safety and health of all its patients. Any oversight in this area can expose the facility to legal action by the patients or their families.

A feeling of safety and security and trustworthy caregivers are what every nursing home patient desires. No one wants or deserves abuse or neglect while they are a patient in a nursing home facility. Nursing home workers must take an oath to protect the patient rights mentioned above, as well as other responsibilities that exist for those in long-term care facilities.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Mary says:

    We must treat the elderly with respect and preserve their dignity. They may not be as strong as they used to but they have been a great part of our lives so it is just right that we give them the utmost care that they deserve.

  2. Chelle Roberts says:

    Nice article. The patient’s family should know these rights before they decide to bring the elderly in a nursing home. Also, knowing these rights, they can assess a the better home care that is good for their loved one.

  3. Jose says:

    A society is measured on how they treat their elderly. This is a very good way to gauge if the society has a strong moral values. Thank you for this great article.

  4. Ru says:

    That’s really good to have the patient’s rights written down so they are informed of them. As there have been cases of abuse one of the key reasons victims in silence suffer is they are not sure of what they are entitled to.

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