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Nurse Aides – What Are Her / His Roles

The role of a nurse’s assistant or nurse’s aide can never be under estimated. In fact, they are becoming an essential part of a healthy society. The individuals are trained to offer several services to the senior citizens at home or in a home care facility. They offer the following services:

 Dressing the Patient

The aide is responsible for providing the basic services. This consists of washing or bathing the patient, undressing and dressing him, grooming him/her and more. She makes sure the senior is clean and comfortable at all times. In addition, they change the bedding and help the patient in and out of bed.

 Toileting Issues

In old age, many bodily functions fail to work efficiently. One of the most common is incontinence. The old person will soil or urinate on himself. It is the work of the assistant to change the beddings and also clean up the mess. They also assist the patient to go to the lavatory and clean after themselves.

Physical Assistance

Old age comes with many physical challenges. Getting over the steps becomes a challenge. Climbing on top of the bed also becomes an issue. The nurse aide will provide the necessary physical support to the patient. He will offer him support while walking, sitting, sleeping and more.

 Medical Assistance

A nursing assistant is required to make sure the senior’s health is monitored round the clock. She will take his temperature; help him take his medication, measure his blood pressure and pulse rate, and more. The assistant will also make calls to his doctor or family in case of medical concerns.

The services provided by the qualified nursing assistant may appear quite basic. Nonetheless, they have great impact on their patients. Wrong or delayed service may put the life of a senior citizen at risk. It’s therefore crucial to seek a qualified nurse aide from credible agencies such as Charter Health Care Training Center.

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  1. Denise says:

    Only special people succeed as nurse aides. I know the work is challenging — and I also know how rewarding it can be. When you join a quality team, you become part of a supportive family that helps you provide outstanding resident care. A good program offers a Nurse Aide Education Program that combines written and clinical instruction in nursing theory and practices. In addition to training students as a Nurse Aide, the curriculum should be designed to introduce the student to many disciplines present in Lifelong Health.

  2. Charles says:

    Based on what friends have told me (those who have been pursuing a degree in nursing), a nurse aide student is expected to be able to demonstrate the importance of both verbal and non verbal communication, barriers to effective communication, and interpersonal skills. Another skill that nurse aide students are expected to master is the ability to explain culture change, which is another way of saying resident centered care, and the need to incorporate it into daily care. Based on this, I would not underestimate the difficulty of this type of job performance.

  3. Curtis says:

    This sounds like something I could do but it doesn’t sound like something that is much fun either it kind of sounds like it could get rather messy. I want a job where I can help people though and this sounds like that job, not only are you helping the patient you are helping the nurse as well. This is a great idea and I will look into it further.

  4. Kendrick says:

    After 16 years working with hospice, my friend who is a Certified Nursing Assistant says, “It’s just who I am. I have always been the one who takes care of everyone. If someone needs help – I help them. I love what I do, and I would never think of doing anything else. Even when probed about a bad day or bad experience, Connie is the most positive, warm, caring person you might ever encounter. There is never a day she feels like quitting or doing something different.

  5. Leonard says:

    It only makes sense to me that those persons interested in becoming a nursing aide should be compassionate, patient and have good speaking skills. It’s important for nursing aides to express compassion and empathy for the sick men and women they care for daily, maintain patience in the midst of stressful situations and be able to effectively share their patients’ concerns with doctors and other health care workers. This is a rewarding career path, but also a challenging one.

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