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Save a Life by Learning CPR

Sudden cardiac arrest is among the most common causes of death, and it can occur at without warning, at any time with someone who has heart disease. Most people suffer an attack at work or home. Studies prove that a person who receives cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while under cardiac arrest has a better chance of survival that someone who does not receive CPR.

There are many reasons why you should learn CPR. Performing CPR forces oxygenated blood through the heart and to the brain, which can stabilize the individual until professional medical help arrives. CPR is also helpful when someone stops breathing for any reason.

CPR involves performing rescue breaths and chest compression’s. This emergency life-saving technique has saved millions of lives since it was first introduced in 1960.

Experts worldwide recognize CPR is an effective way to save lives, and people everywhere take training classes to learn the technique. In many cases, it’s the first medical treatment necessary immediately following an accident and before the first respondents arrive on the scene.

CPR training courses are available at many different centers and institutions, and classes are open to everyone. Everyone who successfully completes the training receives a nationally accredited card that employers all across the country accept. The recipient must renew the card every two years.

Students can choose from a variety of CPR classes. Options include infant, child and adult CPR. Students receive hands-on training with a mannequin.

There is a growing interest in people to learn CPR skills as they realize how helpful it can be if a family member has an accident and requires the procedure. After taking the course, anyone will have the self-confidence to take action if a loved one suffers a heart attack. When you have CPR training, you can attempt to save a life instead of standing around feeling helpless until the medical experts arrive.

Many schools are requiring students to learn basic CPR. Individuals nine years old and older are eligible to attend a training program and earn a CPR card.

You can enroll in a program whenever you are ready to start training. Most programs do not have a waiting list, and everyone who completes the course receives a card. Experienced instructors teach students the proper way to perform CPR in an emergency.

You will have the ability to save lives when you learn CPR. When you have a valid card, you can help victims by performing CPR in schools, public areas, the workplace or anywhere else your services are needed. You must renew your card every two years. The renewal refresher course takes no more than a few hours to complete.

7 Responses so far.

  1. AlvinJohnE says:

    I think CPR training is always necessary for saving a life. I was able to rescue a life in my office who had a sudden cardiac arrest.

  2. Carmen says:

    CPR is one of the set of skills that is important for an individual to learn. We never know when the unthinkable would happen, but CPR is a skill that really could save lives.

  3. Robin says:

    I took a CPR course when I was in college. I think everyone should take it. CPR is not hard at all to learn and it is a very helpful skill.

  4. Jeffrey Gynn says:

    I took CPR many years ago and I have kept it up to date. I have had to use it on a couple occasions over the years and I am glad I knew the procedures. So are the people I used it on.

  5. ruthy says:

    Heart attack can happen anywhere anytime. CPR is an easy to learn skill that can go a long way to save a life. I think everyone should take a course on CPR. You never know when it will come in handy..

  6. John C says:

    I agree that schools should require students to learn CPR. Heart attack can occur anytime in any person. It will be a big help for people to have this kind of knowledge and skill.

  7. A. Luck says:

    This skill should be mandatory in all jobs and schools. A bit of knowledge could save a life!

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