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Should You Become A Nurse or A CNA

There are many options available to you if you are looking for a job in the health care industry. You’ll find that two of the most promising options out there are becoming a nursing assistant or a nurse. As soon as you understand the difference between these two titles, you’ll be well on your way to a very rewarding and exciting career.

The biggest difference between being a nurse and a nursing assistant is the length of time that you spend in school. You’ll be in school for at least two years to begin working as a nurse, whereas you can begin your career as a nursing assistant in about two months. If you’re looking to become a CAN, you’ll want to be prepared to interview and start a job within weeks of ending your training, as it’s a very in-demand career!

Another big difference between the two positions is the duties that you’ll have to perform. Nursing assistants assist with direct care in addition to a patients daily needs.

Job availability is another big difference in these two positions. While it’s true that health care professionals will always be needed, it’s nursing assistants that are in truly huge demand. You should have a much simpler time finding a job when you decide to become a certified nursing assistant.

Of course if you’re a nurse, you’ll find that you’ll get a higher salary than a CNA. This should not, however, be your sole reason for selecting the position. if you seek a position that offers you job security in addition to the ability for job advancement, then becoming a nursing assistant can be very appealing.

When you’re a CNA you’ll be learning all about the basics of the health care industry. If you decide to move on to become a nurse, your CNA experience will be invaluable and will look great on your resume. No matter what position you’re looking to pursue, beginning as a CNA is an excellent start.

If you decide to become a health care professional, whether it be a CNA or a nurse, you’re going to be in demand. You should definitely take the steps needed to find out more about what a CNA career can offer you.

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