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Starting a Career as a Certified Nurse’s Aide

A certified nurse’s aide is a member of the health care team, and has received training in the provision of health care to patients. They are also referred to as CNAs and their duties include bathing, dressing, feeding and monitoring the vital signs of patients, in addition to making their beds. Some of the CNAs also ensure that patients receive their medication according to instructions.

If you’re interest lies in pursuing a career as a certified nurse’s aide, there are some key things that you should know. Some important facts that you need to be aware of, if you want to become a CNA are discussed below.

You Need a High School Diploma or GED

Although most CNA programs require a GED or high school diploma, the requirements can vary between programs. Students are usually required to have attained the age of 18 years.

The Education and Training Is Very Brief

The fact that the education and training needed is rather brief, results in many persons choosing to pursue a career as a CNA. The training can actually be completed in one month, if you attend classes full-time. Before being allowed to legally practice as a CNA, you are required to pass a competency exam.

You Will Have a Variety of Job Opportunities

After the required training has been completed and you have been successful in the competency exam, then you can search for employment in a nursing home, hospital, clinic or hospice. You also may work at the home of the patients providing the necessary health care.

You Can Move Up In Your Career

Many CNAs continue training to eventually become licensed practical or registered nurses. The responsibilities and demands of working in the nursing field will be understood, as you gain experience working as a CNA. Additionally, before becoming a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse, you may be required to first complete the training and become a CNA.

9 Responses so far.

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m thinking of becoming a certified nurse’s aide because it’s always in demand and the training is not as long as that of other nursing degrees. It seems to be a very lucrative job too.

  2. Kiara Leslie says:

    it’s really helpful to know about how to start a career as a CNA and also what opportunity it offer. It’s a medical job that anyone can start easily right after attain the high school diploma, what a great chance.

  3. Britney says:

    Starting as a CNA can lead to many opportunities in the healthcare industry. However, being a CNA is a fulfilling career in itself! I highly recommend starting as a CNA if you want to start a career as a nurse. All the basics covered and very rewarding experience!

  4. K.hai says:

    one problem I found with these nurses is some of them don’t have a service mind, I mean they just do what need to be done. may be patient need more than that, they need care and motivation. I’m not talking about all of them, just some. It’ll be better if any training program could fix this.

  5. Mau says:

    I always have a lot of respect for those who go into the health care industry as their job is not easy and needs a lot of patience and compassion. A nurse’s aide is no different. Glad to know there are plenty of opportunities for them to move up in their career.

  6. Rebi says:

    Education is very important to be a nurse aide. I look up to people that are into health care. They’re kind and very professional. They even sacrifice their time that they should be spending with their family.

  7. thelma says:

    i was once a nurse and I would say that having a nurse aide really help an institution like hospitals. With proper training, nurse aides are a very big help to nurses especially when taking care of patients in the ward.

  8. Sarah Willburn says:

    Becoming a CNA has a great impact in my career as a nurse. I could say that if you want to have a high-paid job as a nurse, you should start by become CNA. You could learn a great deal in nursing field, get many experiences and connection. Also if you do well, in 4-5 years you could work at a big hospital like me!

  9. Sunny says:

    I’m a high school senior and I am still deciding what to do after graduation. I think a career as a certified nurses aide is great. I think it suits me because I’m caring and patient.

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