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The Availability of CNA Jobs

Healthcare is a rewarding occupation that allows individuals to give back to their communities while caring for sick patients. CNA jobs are a great entry point for those wanting to get into this profession without having to devote years of time in training. Work as a certified nursing assistant is a quick and efficient way to jump start a health care career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles information from many different career fields. It serves as a valuable source of information for those wanting to know more about a particular type of job including career training, the potential for job growth, and earnings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects CNA jobs to increase through 2025. Part of this demand centers around the fact that more adults that are getting older, and thus require medical attention and services.

CNAs Work Environment

Certified nursing assistants have a variety of places they can work. This includes nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, hospices and long term care establishments. Home health care agencies regularly recruit CNAs to work with them as they have a steady supply of patients in need of in home care.

Some of their clientele are recuperating from surgery, or have chronic conditions. The CNA works under the direction of a registered nurse (RN) and at times under a doctor. The circumstances dictate whom has the supervisory role.

Road to becoming a CNA

A high school diploma or GED is required for CNA training. The programs usually span 10 to 12 months in length. Many state legislative boards provide a licensing exam that must be successfully completed before granting credentials.

A typical day for a CNA involves cleaning patient areas and rooms, making beds and taking vital signs. The right training will open up the doors for CNA jobs in your area.

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