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The Difference in a Nurse and a Nursing Assistant

When you’re planning a career in health care, you have a number of options. Two possibilities to consider are nurse and nursing assistant. When you know the difference in a nurse and a nursing assistant, it can be your first step to an exciting new career.

One difference is the length of time it takes to complete your education. While it takes at least a year to become a licensed vocational nurse, nursing assistant training can be completed within weeks. If you want to become a CNA, you can be ready to take your exams and start job only weeks after you begin your training.

The scope of duties is another difference. As a nursing assistant, you’ll not perform skilled nursing services. This doesn’t mean a CNA’s job is less important, as you’ll provide direct care to patients, and assist them with their daily needs.

A third difference is the availability of jobs. While health care professionals are always needed, the need for nursing assistants is increasing. You may be more likely to find the job you want if you decide to become a CNA.

Nurses can expect higher salaries than nursing assistants. However, this shouldn’t be the sole factor in your decision. From job security to opportunities for advancement, there are many reasons to become a CNA.

As a nursing assistant, you’ll have the chance to learn about health care services. If you decide to become a nurse, working as a CNA will provide practical experience. Whether nursing assistant is your goal, or whether you plan to move further with your career, it’s an excellent way to start.

Health care professionals are in demand. The need for qualified individuals is growing, and will continue to grow. When you make this your career choice, the work you do every day will make a difference in people’s lives.

7 Responses so far.

  1. Isabel says:

    If I were to have a career at the moment, I would opt for something in the healthcare industry. There is always a demand for workers in the sector. Becoming a CNA is an alternative I will consider. Training and education are not going to take a long time and you can go work immediately once your credentials are approved.

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  3. RachB says:

    Becoming a CNA sounds like a great choice. There are so many opportunities to advance into further careers.

  4. Andy F says:

    Nurses and nursing assistants sound like very rewarding roles. They aren’t just jobs, but lifelong careers!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for explaining the difference between a nurse and a nursing assistant. Quite honestly, I always thought they were pretty much one in the same.

  6. Mitsukizz says:

    The nursing assistant is really in a high demand right now. That’s why this is a good information when you know you can have training for a few weeks and you can start the job immediately.

  7. Nindar Zhi Crosszeria says:

    As knowledge , taking the nurse assistant training may help you to take care of your loved one. And as a job it has a high probability to get accepted because of the high demand.

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