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The Duties of a Home Health Aide

The duties of a home health aide can increase the quality of life for elderly or disabled persons who want to continue living in their own homes.

Part of the job involves keeping the home clean, safe, and comfortable. This may or may not include general housecleaning, depending on the family’s preferences. However, the home must be kept free from clutter, and reduce the risk of illness caused by the environment.

Some home health clients are on restricted diets. The aide must strictly adhere to the physician’s orders. If there are no restrictions, you must be able to plan, prepare, and serve healthful meals.

Home health aide duties may include running errands outside the home. Your client may need you to shop for groceries, pick up her mail at the post office, or perform similar errands. You will need to balance running errands and caring for your client at the same time.

An important part of a home health job is providing companionship to your clients. Individuals who need home health aides often lack opportunities for socializing. Whether your client asks you to read to her on a regular basis, or simply wants someone to talk to, it’s an excellent way for her to feel cared for and important.

Many people take medications. If your client relies on one or more medications, following her doctor’s orders is part of your job. You must make sure she takes her medication on the scheduled specified by her physician, and in the correct doses.

The duties of a home health aide make some people an ideal match for this exciting career. If you are stable, healthy, mature, and patient, it’s a career you should consider. You can make a positive difference in the lives of those who want the comfort and security of remaining at home.

5 Responses so far.

  1. john.freedomconsultants says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article. The companionship, assistance around the home and with daily chores outside the home both make having a home health aide the right decision for many disabled persons. The independence and even dignity that this service allows is priceless.

  2. udayakumar says:

    Do they collect mail at the post office? A home health aide has to work in the patient’s home without being supervised. How safe is that?

  3. mojesh says:

    It’s really a very good work taking care of our elders. These home health aide is very useful in our daily life.If at all an ill health person is there in our family, some times we may or may not be able look after them. then these home health aide is essential.

  4. jnb says:

    I am a nurse and while I don’t work in a home environment, I can say it really is a big help for elderly persons to be cared for by healthcare professionals. While they may not really be professionals in the strict sense of the word, home health aides nonetheless deserve to be praised for what they provide.

  5. Milla says:

    Very true that a home health aide must have some qualification, which is stable, healthy, mature and patient. I know someone who worked as a aide, and each time assigned, they must face a variety of characters and the behavior of the elderly and the disabled. The aide must know and understand them. They need someone who can make them feel comfortable and confident, and that’s not an easy, but worth it

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