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The Growing Need for Homecare Companions

As America’s population continues to get older, the need for homecare companions becomes greater. Today there’s more than 39 million people aged 65 or older, and by 2030 that’s likely to reach 72 million (or more than double what we have today).

There are two types of home companions.  Medical companions look after people’s medical needs, whereas the more general type tends to look after the client as a friend, and help out where they can. This is the type of homecare companion that will be more in demand as time goes on, and as the population gets older.

Good companions will mean that people can live in their own homes longer, even if they aren’t able to do some of the duties around the home themselves. Sometimes children aren’t able to help out for whatever reason, and this type of work fills this role.

Becoming a homecare companion is a great way to help the older generation live their lives more freely. As a homecare companion, you might be expected to undertake duties such as some general house cleaning, washing dishes, preparing meals, looking after pets, and generally helping out where help is needed.

Companions also need to be great friends. Often they will go out on walks, play games with the client, or read a book. They might also need to take clients out to appointments.

This is a very rewarding type of work for those who choose to undertake it. Many people who work as companions report feeling a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with their work. It’s a great way to make a real difference to someone’s life, and you won’t feel under-appreciated.

The world is in desperate need of great homecare companions, and that need is only going to increase. If you can be a great friend, enjoy helping the older generation and can help with some general home duties, becoming a companion might be something you want to consider.

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