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The Job of a Home Health Aide

The Job of a Home Health Aide ImageHealth aides for the Sick and Elderly

The health care industry offers a range of job opportunities, and to get a good job, one has to be trained appropriately and qualified. The country’s population of individuals over the age of 60 is fast increasing, and there is an ever-growing demand for nursing assistants and home health aides. Successful completion of the stipulated courses qualifies a person for the job of a home health aide.

A home health aide is qualified to treat people who are chronically ill, have disabilities and/or suffer from age-related problems. The aides stay with the patients and elderly who are unable to look after themselves and take care of all their medical and personal needs. They are trained to check their temperature, respiration rate, pulse and other vital signs. They can also change bandages and administer all kinds of medications.

Most health aides register with a home health care agency, while others are self-employed. Although a high school diploma is not a must, most home health aides possess one. They receive on the job training from experienced health care aides and registered nurses.

A few states, however, expect aides to be qualified from home health care agencies, vocational schools and community colleges. The top training centers offer high quality education. They offer the best laboratories and academic facilities. The teachers are highly qualified and impart the clinical training needed to be a well-qualified aide.

Agencies that are entitled to US Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement must employ home health aides who have been issued the necessary certificates by a state approved training program and undergo competency evaluation. Home health aides who are licensed and certified still have to register themselves in the state in which they plan to work. The requirements of each state are different.

Interpersonal skills, detail-oriented, presence of mind, and time management skills are necessary to be a well-qualified and dependable aide. A few things a health aide will do regularly are, monitoring and keeping detailed records of the patient, discussing the status and condition of the patient with a case manager, and administering medication in the form of tablets and injections regularly.

The job of a home health aide may include helping patients move around their home and get in and out of bed. They may also have to bathe them and take care of all their personal needs and requirements. Health care aides change and launder linens and other belongings. They serve timely meals and keep patients occupied by having conversations with them or keeping them entertained. Many like this career choice because it is monetarily beneficial and allows them immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Joseph says:

    This is a great idea I think that home health care is something that has been missing a long time. I remember my grandma telling me about doctors doing house calls back in the day. This is something that so many people need these days because they just can’t get out there in the world these days. Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. Russell says:

    I had no idea that a diploma wasn’t required when you are talking about taking cars of someone’s health needs. I would think that not only is a diploma required but some nursing school would be as well. You have done a great job on this post and the more I think about it the more I think I would like to do something like this as far as running errands for them.

  3. Troy says:

    I met a waitress that did this for a second job and she loved it but it didn’t pay very well. Is that something that they have the bugs worked out of or do they figure sense you are living with the person you don’t need the money to pay room and board or rent anywhere so they cut that out of your wages? I think it is a great service but deserves better pay.

  4. Karen says:

    My mom was sick and had so many good people taking care of her. I thought, ‘I can do that. I’m going to give back.’ An aide is a nurturing person. I felt this is what I really want to do. In a hospital it’s the nurses and aides who are right there with the patients and the families, too. It feels so good for a family to be at ease leaving their loved one in the care of someone they can trust.

  5. Joseph says:

    I’d love to do this I think, is this something they will allow you to do as a retiree as long as you can meet the physical requirements? Maybe this is what I need to do as a retired nurse, it was really forced on me but I would like to still work and I have no family in town so this would be a perfect arrangement. Please post a response if you have one.

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