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The Nursing Home Sector in Focus

Presently, in America, there are four kinds of career options in the nursing home sector: CNAs (certified nurse’s assistants), geriatric nurses, LPNs (licensed practical nurses) and RNs (registered nurses).

Smaller nursing homes normally hire only RNs and CNAs, whereas bigger nursing homes can hire all four kinds of nurses. Every one of the four career options for nursing homes needs different levels of education. Also, each job type has its own distinctive responsibilities and functions.

Here’s the lowdown on the four roles:

Typically, CNAs are the most active, visible and best paid nurses in nursing homes. They have nursing assistance degrees from respected institutions, like the Charter Healthcare Training Facility.

They consult with both nurses and patients to ensure that patient needs are catered to appropriately. They are responsible for many things, such as dressing and bathing patients, serving patients food, and assisting patients when they have to use the bathroom.

RNs have four or two year degrees in nursing, and they are entrusted with many aspects of patient care. They are in charge of supervising patients, dealing with emergencies, administering and dispensing drugs, diagnostic tests and patient education.

Because the doctors who work in numerous nursing homes are not full time professionals, RNs serve as the initial point of communication between medical staff and patients. Consequently, they need to have excellent organizational and managerial skills, and be capable of working in a pressurized environment.

When compared with LPNs, RNs are better educated, have more responsibilities/tasks and earn a significantly higher salary. Examples of their primary responsibilities are monitoring and assigning LPNs. LPNs are supposed to keep medical charts up to date, note vital signs and make sure that the nursing facility is operating smoothly.

Nowadays, geriatric nurses are in high demand in nursing homes across the country. These nurses are similar to RNs, however they focus more on caring for elderly patients in a more specialized manner. They have a broad experience in providing both physical and mental care to older patients.

13 Responses so far.

  1. Rine Pontoh says:

    Now elderly people is increasing due to the better health insurance and income rate.
    No wonder the high demand of geriatric nurses. They want the private nurse at their own home rather than nursing home.

  2. Jiffy Rando says:

    Well being a Filipino tradition dictates that family should take care of each other that includes the elderly. I do not know if nursing homes will bloom here in the Philippines for having one is very far and between. However, due to time I Think more people are open to that idea simply put I would rather visit the elderly in a nursing home than its with me but I will neglect and ignore gramps due to my busy lifestyle.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Before to hire any nurse I recomend you to ask for her or his references, you know, to avoid any possible abuse.

  4. Annise says:

    I´m used too to the idea of taking care of your ederly relatives, you know, that idea has always been in my family; your parents raised you, so you have to take care of them.

  5. Kelly says:

    I never knew that there are several different kinds of nurses. This is very useful, especially for people who are thinking of working in the healthcare field.

  6. Jessie says:

    I think geriatric nurses are the hardest kind. Caring for seniors need a lot patience and skills, other than the obvious health-related knowledge.

  7. Lupita says:

    Just like doctors, nurses nowadays have different specializations. There’s a pediatric nurse, an IV nurse, a community health nurse, a dialysis nurse, etc. But with the four mentioned above, it’s the LPN that I’m not too familiar with. It sounds like their job overlaps with the RN. Anyhow, this is good to know as there are many opportunities if you want to get into this career.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve worked in a nursing home in the UK and we only have one RGN per shift (although our nursing home manager is a nurse too, she’s more of a manager than a nurse). And the nurse is usually on the nursing floor where residents need more nursing care. On the other floors (dementia, residential, etc), one of the staff is assigned as in-charge for that floor. Obviously, a geriatric nurse is more appropriate for nursing homes but we never needed one (not sure if there is one in the UK).

  9. Ryka says:

    I am a registered nurse in our country. I agree that we are the most experienced among other types of nurses.

  10. Cali says:

    I salute all the nurses for all the hardwork they do to take care of their patients. Though they dont get the pay they deserve they still do their best.

  11. Jordan Quinn says:

    My parents and in-laws will be living with me and my wife when the time that they need to comes. The will receive the services from a home nurse. I will have it no other way. In this manner, I will worry less and focus more on the things that need done and my children can make many happy memories with them.

  12. Keith P. says:

    ” CNAs are the most active, visible and best paid nurses in nursing homes.” – With regards to the term “best paid”, can there be at least a chart as to compare this with other medical professionals? It would be very interesting to see some statistics on this.

  13. Dana says:

    Nursing homes are not for everyone. A patient needs to be analyzed for their particular needs before deciding if they should be placed in a nursing home or an alternative care dwelling.

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