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The Process for Becoming Licensed As A CNA in Michigan

If you’re considering becoming licensed as a CNA in Michigan, you’ll need to undergo a CNA training course that is approved and accredited by Michigan Community Health Department. Also, wannabe CNAs have to successfully complete a nurse aide exam.

Careers in this industry are fast moving and offer a big sense of self accomplishment, while you tackle the needs of elderly residents in long term facilities. If you’re wanting to pursue a career as a CNA, take heed of the advice below to receive your Michigan certification:

Enrolling in and Completing Michigan CNA Classes

You’ll have to complete at least 75 hours of a nurse aide training course that is state approved. There are almost 200 outstanding training facilities situated across Michigan. Frequently, Nurse Aide training is obtainable via adult education programs, high schools, community colleges, nursing homes and even some US Red Cross agencies. Nonetheless, don’t forget that Michigan doesn’t accept qualifications obtained from online courses.

State approved courses will train you on everything you have to know about becoming a nurse aide. The classes for your course will encompass various nurse aide skills. This will include how to file documents and maintain records for patients, coping with tragedies and working under the supervision of a nurse. Throughout the classroom element of your course, you will be taught how to deal with disabled patients, medical terminology, and how to carry out other daily tasks.

Furthermore, you will be trained on the correct procedures to adopt during emergencies. This can include situations where a patient has a heart attack, chokes on something, or has a stroke.

Certification in CPR is required as well, and lots of schools provide this as part of their course. However, if yours doesn’t, then the US Red Cross is an excellent alternative option for this in Michigan.

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  1. jnb says:

    Great article. Although I just would like to ask regarding the CPR requirement. Is the Red Cross really the best agency to make certification for CPR competency? Is it not the American Heart Association? Just asking

  2. udayakumar says:

    Quite a detailed article. What are the opportunities for freshly trained nurses from other countries? Do they have to undergo training her too?

  3. daphne says:

    This blog has detailed information of being a CNA in Michigan. I agree that pursuing a career offers a big sense of self accomplishment.

  4. Layla Summers says:

    I am so glad I read that article because it points out that you have to be in a tutor led class, they don’t accept online teaching courses. It is important to make that distinction because people who are going forward on these courses often worry about finance.

  5. Uzor Godpower says:

    Michigan CNA Licence is great. You’ve got to have a thorough knowledge of the nurse aide training course approved by the state before you can be certified.

  6. Well I truly liked reading it. This article provided by you is very constructive for correct planning.

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