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The Role of a Nurse Aide

A lot of the important tasks carried out in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes, are carried out by nurse aides. Doctors and nurses typically oversee the responsibilities of a nurse aide or NA.

Many patients who are bed ridden require specific treatments or procedures, and these are often the responsibility of a nurse aide. Of course, the main focus of any hospital or long care facility is the complete recovery of its patients, and nurse aides play a big role in making that happen.

Tasks of a Nurse Aide

Dressing, bathing, and feeding patients are some of the common yet important tasks that nurse aides carry out in a hospital or long-term care facility. Other essential tasks can include assisting and comforting patients who are in pain and generally trying to help them to lead as normal a life as possible.

Tasks that place more of an emphasis on medical procedures are often assigned to nurse aides that are more experienced and have certification. Recording blood pressure, taking temperature, and recording other vital signs are some of the tasks that might typically be assigned to a nurse aide. Many more experienced aides look after patients with serious illnesses who are coping with a serious disease, trauma, or post-surgery and are often called nursing attendants.

Nurse aides play an important role in helping a patient along the often rocky road to recovery and will carry out instructions from the attending doctor as well as give the patient the attention they need.

All hospital patients require a night attendant, and many nurse aides fill that role, and almost every patient admitted into a hospital will be assigned one. The seriousness of a patient’s condition will ultimately determine the level and type of care they need, and whether or not they need a nurse or an aide.

Just like the role of a nurse aide, the opportunities for jobs can change, although in general demand is high. Good nurse aides are always needed, and many study long enough or work in a hospital long enough to eventually qualify as a nurse.

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  1. Martin Alford says:

    Being a nurse aide is definitely not a simple job. It is a big responsibility. A person’s well-being depends on their hands. They also need to give the elderly the companionship they need. Kudos to all the hardworking nursing aides out there.

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