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Understanding Healthcare Jobs and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare is easily the most debated healthcare legislation in our country’s history. Understanding the existing framework of healthcare jobs and the Affordable Care Act is crucial for any professional in the industry.

Despite polarized opinion about its effectiveness, healthcare professionals, political and healthcare analysts all seem to agree that this act is a landmark in the annals of American healthcare. The Affordable Care Act is modeled on Medicare, the national insurance program that has been the mainstay of the healthcare industry for nearly half a century. The act impacts doctors, nurses, aid workers and importantly, the health insurance industry. The pharmaceutical industry is also expected to react to this act.

ObamaCare is expected to result in a 15% cut in the remuneration of doctors. The primary reason for this is the cost of compliance and the extensive paperwork that will need to accompany the treatment of patients. Doctors and hospitals are at the greatest risk of compliance breaches and fines for incorrect or incomplete paperwork—a situation often perceived being excessively bureaucratic. On the other hand, voices within and outside the industry expect the increased focus on compliance to result in a lower incidence of negligence and medical malpractice.

The existing shortage of physicians in the United States places an increasing burden on nursing professionals. The Affordable Care Act seems to exacerbate this problem, but at the present time projects the creation of a large number of jobs for over a million doctors, nurses, therapists and other auxiliary healthcare specialists. The act’s provisions that permit the coverage of patients with pre-existing conditions is expected to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for qualified and trained nurses while increasing the value of experienced nurses.

Whether ObamaCare will deliver on its promises is yet to be seen. As the act is implemented and its administrative kinks ironed out, it is expected to show results a couple of years down the line.

6 Responses so far.

  1. Isabel says:

    Healthcare should be available for everyone. It is a basic need that should be given to citizens. One of the reasons why it is not lucrative for doctors to practice in the US is the high rate of malpractice lawsuit. And you need a hefty insurance cover for this which only discourages the influx of physicians. On top of that, the cost of medical care in the US is horrendous. So who can afford medical treatment especially with so many exclusions? This is a debate that will not end with a few comments, unfortunately;

  2. Amber says:

    I have said this before in many forums, but I think the Affordable care Act was a mistake. I have seen many people lose work hours because of it. The majority or employer around my area have cut hours because if the workers don’t work more that 29 hours they don’t have to pay for insurance for them.

  3. Dawn says:

    You mentioned the existing lack of doctors in this country; the Affordable Care act has caused this to be an increasing problem. Many of the MDs in my area have quit for reasons related to the Affordable Care Act. This has cause it to be nearly impossible to find good healthcare, with the majority of patients only being able to get care from Nurse Practitioners.

  4. RachB says:

    ObamaCare is really a joke. All the bureaucratic hoop jumping will drive doctors away. The exact opposite of what is needed..

  5. Andy F says:

    This act imposes fines for incorrect paperwork? Just adding further stress to an already stressful industry.

  6. Jason says:

    We’ll have to wait to see the full effects of the affordable care act as it continues to unfold for years to come. Right now it’s just too early to make any final judgements. There are pros & cons to everything.

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