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What Does A Home Health Aide Do?

As a home health aide, you’re a valuable asset to the sick, elderly or disabled. Home health aides perform numerous tasks that don’t require any prior medical training. Being a home health provider is a satisfying and fulfilling career for those who love to help people in need.

Aides do much more than just sweep the floor or wash clothes for the client who is unable to do so for themselves. You will assist the patient with routine daily living and basic care, which includes preparing and cooking meals, cleaning the house or cleaning hard to reach areas or areas that aren’t accessible to the client. Additionally, you’ll also change bed linens, assist with bathroom needs, sponge bathe your client or help with showering, offer assistance in dressing the client, assist or serve as a reminder for taking medications, address minor wound care and bandaging and offer driving and transportation assistance to and from places such as the doctor’s office or grocery store. Your client may also have you shop or run errands on their behalf.

One often overlooked aspect of being an in-home caretaker is the responsibility you have to build trust and respect with your client. You’re entering their home to provide a service for those most vulnerable and to help them retain their individualism and freedom from a nursing or caretaking home for as long as possible. You’ll find building a bond of trust with your client provides the greatest reward as a home health aide.

As a home health caretaker, you’ll also check and watch the client’s vital signs like their pulse and temperature. You have a duty to watch for any sign that your client is not doing well and report it to your supervisor, so that appropriate measures can be taken.

A home health aide career provides a great opportunity to help those who are at their most vulnerable and need the most help.

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