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What It’s Like To Work In A Nursing Home

Jobs in the health services field are needed on a constant basis. Nursing home jobs hold promise of a variety of positions that a person can apply for in medical and non-medical positions.

This makes it an attractive career to start out in and also provides care for the elderly who badly need help and companionship.

Nursing home positions

LVN – Licensed Vocational Nurses provide care for the residents in the form of bathing, checking vital signs of any problems with the patient and providing for the feedings and medication as well.

Staff Nurse – Assesses the patient initially to determine the level of care that will be needed. Administers medication and provides an ongoing relationship with the patient to ensure they receive proper medical care. Trains and orients a staff of nurses in the appropriate areas.

Cooks – An integral part of ensuring that the patient receives the right nutrition specified for them is the cook. They need to provide meals that provide the patients with complementary foods for them specifically.

Special dietary needs associated with allergies, diabetes and medications have to be kept in mind when creating meals for the patients.

Custodial positions – Every nursing home needs staff on hand to ensure that the hygiene of the facility is maintained. The cleanliness of the hallways, cafeteria areas and patient rooms are an important part of the job as well.

If you feel like this is the vocational field that you would like to go farther in, then getting a quality education is necessary. Getting a firm foundation on becoming a CNA is one of the first steps that a person should take if they want to become a Staff Nurse.

Finding a qualified educational institution that provides the training necessary for this certification will go a long ways in promotion to an RN status.

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